Zen extra oridinary cell phone plan

To be honest, I came across a connected a few years ago and I was not sure it was a telecommunications provider, which I wanted to check. The angle they had at the time the advertisement was on the phone instead, making them the low rates that were apparently able to subsidize supply to you.

Some time later, the policy has disappeared. Thank you to God for it. The plans have changed and the clientele has grown, it seems, with customers from all over the country now with this service.

As for me again your product was, but it was very competitive. Caps offer on the phone, where really good and offered a great value. Direct Connected is a small operator and I was an outsider, I decided to go them one.

Since then I have contact with their manager and I feel more comfortable with the transaction as a whole. Comes first To start July 2011, directly connected with its newest product line. Be upgraded in fact all of his customers to the new plans.

Take a look at the new plans. We start with a plan to start Lite.r is easy with the calling credit of $ 100 and $ 100 for other members directly connected to 100 MB of data. Just enough to see a few e-mails and little surfing on the Internet. But note that the data are recorded in KB not MB, so it should be much longer than the last. It is a great plan to start if you do not want your phone a lot, but some credit cards every month and lots for $ 5 it looks like a great value. That’s right, only $ 5 per month, no contract. Note that coincide with Lite.r call charges 99c per minute with a 40c flag, so that is not the cheapest around. $ 100 you get 42, 2 minute calls per month.

The next track is the Pioneer area, starting with Lite upgrade medium and heavy. Call prices are now falling 90c per minute with a 35c flag. Lite, you get $ 145 in calls with 200 MB of data for only $ 8 per month. They want more than that, and you spend $ 400 on average, with 1.5 GB of data and calls for only $ 15 per month. The number of calls per month (2 minute call), you would achieve with these plans is 67 and 186 respectively. Again a great value. The final plan of the series is heavy with Pioneer $ 740 in calls and 3GB of data for $ 29. Compare with most mobile are the prepaid plans, and you can see, why not simply contract plans is proving to be very popular. With $ 740 credit you can expect, 344, 2 minute calls.

Finally, we have Zen. Zen has nothing to do with the school of Maha? Huh? Na Buddhism. Zen is the direct Connected different unlimited plans meet there. Call 4000 minutes, unlimited text messaging and SMS, $ 40 for international calls, 4 GB of data and unlimited access social network for $ 40 per month. With virtually unlimited, as you can without actually nominates him in this way to get.

Remember, these plans allow you to make calls to 13, 1300 and 1800 the number of which many are making other plans do not (eg Amaysim unlimited). Further information sessions per MB instead of KB per GB billed to your last much longer and you are less likely to pay any overage bad.

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