You Should Always Be Employing These Network Marketing Recruiting Strategies

Many network marketers dread the thought of recruiting into their business because they deem it as hard. For this reason they procrastinate to avoid the pain of talking to prospects and possibly facing rejection. The problem is that the whole purpose of network marketing is to build a residual income, and that can only be done by sponsoring new blood into your team. One thing’s for sure, you won’t build a residual income single handed, you need to be mlm recruiting. Just selling products on the front end may earn you some promotional income, but it won’t do anything for building passive wealth. You really don’t want to be a sales person on a commission only based salary do you?


You can only get paid in MLM for two specific actions. Number 1 is inviting as many folks as possible to watch your company presentation. Number 2 is following up with them. If you spend 95% of your time focusing on these two activities, your business WILL grow. If you’re into online marketing for your MLM business (yes it works), then it’s a good idea to not get too involved with all the technical stuff. There is no need to become an internet expert in order to make the net work for you. By the time you have spent time and money on various courses to become an expert it would have been far easier and more effective to pick up your telephone and call your warm market.


Sure use the internet for whatever you need it for, whether it be lead generation or communications, or both; just don’t get bogged down in too much online fantasy. So is there a secret to recruiting lots of folks into your business? Not really, the key is simply to get a lot of people watching your presentations and that really is about it. How can you do this in practice? Find a way that you can increase your contact database on a daily basis, this is important so that you gain momentum in your business.


An easy way to do this is to set up a marketing system on the internet and then learn to drive traffic to it, you can generate a lot of leads this way and it can really transform your business. Deliver presentations to as many people as possible on a daily basis. You can do this on the internet also, there are various methods of doing this like videos, Skype, webinars, conference calls etc.


Do your own presentations. This is one of the most effective ways to attract prospects to join your business, doing your own presentations positions YOU as the leader that people are looking for. Since I started doing my own presentations I’ve sponsored more people. Perhaps you don’t feel experienced or confident enough to do your own presentations? Then use your uplines maybe, or find someone else in your team that does good presentations and leverage off them until you are ready to stand up and hold the marker yourself.


Its nice to think that you can have people automatically sign up with your business, but it often doesn’t happen that way, you need to personally connect with your prospect and this will mean calling them.


The fact is that you need to be closing your sales after your prospect has seen your presentation. This is where the real sponsoring takes place. If you can master mlm sponsoring, which is actually quite simple, then you can have all the success that you ever dreamed of in your network marketing business.

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