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Very few people on my <a href=”http://www.salestrainingcompany.co.uk”>sales training </a> can show me just what level of earnings they are looking to gain and even how much are they are  worth per hour.

The thing is, if you have a specific knowledge of how much cash your efforts may be valued at per year you can get a totally new mindset on the importance of the activities you take.

My view on time management, activity  planning and delegation took  a dramatic upheaval when I went through an exercise I found in a book by Dan Kennedy called “Time Management for Entrepreneurs”. I guarantee that your view of your own personal worth will never be the same again either!

Are you always productive?

I guarantee that you’re not. At best you’re truly productive a third within your working day. That is where you are supposedly engaged  in routines that will make you profit instead of firefighting.

If you think you are productive 1/3 of the time then use that number in the example to follow.

Be truthful as you may be only cheating yourself if you don’t. The remaining method runs on the rate that we now have mostly 220 working days per year which is our ‘lucrative times ‘. If the one you have is fewer than this on account of longer getaway or lifestyle goals then again be honest with yourself and cut back this number.
An illustration of the formula is:

Targeted Income Example For Somebody needing to Get £50,000

Base Target Revenue    £50,000

Divided By 220 days x 8 = 1,760 hours of work in a year    Divided By
Base Hourly Number    £28.40
Times Productivity vs non productivity multiple    X 3
Your Time And Efforts May Be Valued At Per Hour    £85.20 per hour.
Your Time is worth for each minute (divide by 60)    £1.42

Should your condition doesn’t provide itself to this way of computation I suggest make it work! For example consider the total productivity of your business directly because of you and employ that amount.

It doesn’t have to be accurate just use the data to examine your output per hour. After you know the worth of your time then you can start to let go of the not complex, daily jobs that you get mixed up in that are holding you back from creating sales and making more cash.

It might be an overwhelming prospect but go through this exercise again and again until eventually you get it ingrained in your own mind how important you might be! Write it on a  card and pin it to your compter and carry it in your wallet. Remind yourself daily by reading your card that affirms:

“I am worth £zxyper hour.. Am I doing routines that will help to make me that Now?”

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