What You Need To Know About Improving Site Usability

It is odd that you pretty much never hear people talking about usability and websites. But it is interesting because it is an area of critical importance to the good results of any business website. The significance of this word is intuitive, and if visitors have difficulty using any aspect of your site then that isn’t desired. Of course it is obvious that your site needs to be user friendly and motivates people to return. You will need to have a clear picture of what your site visitors are doing once they land on your website.

So you understand the importance of knowing visitor behavior, and you will use a decent tracking script to get that done. That is all we can do, for the most part, and then we study and make our most educated estimate, often times, as to what the problem may be. If you think about it, that approach is not so advanced, but it does work nicely if you do it. You can find free and paid for scripts as well as feature rich and very basic ones. Using such a script will enable you to see the end result of what your visitors are doing. Just a few important areas include how long people stay on your pages as well as where they enter and leave from. The best scripts will not leave you wondering about visitor behavior on your site.

What we are referring to here is executing site wide optimization. You can optimize your website for any number of desired steps including conversion rates; either an opt-in or a sale. The proven method or approach for optimizing anything on your website is accomplished through testing. The vast majority of people just use split testing, and that’s fine because it does work well. Multivariate testing is much more powerful and different than split testing. Where you begin and what you test is your decision, and there are typical items that people tend to test, too. Nevertheless, if you are tracking and notice visitors are always exiting on the same page, then that is a huge hint that something on that page is inducing them to leave. The smart approach to optimization and testing is to find out where your site is poor so you can correct it.

This process of usability does take time, but if you are serious about building a business it is worth doing. However, the long term benefits will be worth the time and inconvenience to do it. You will recognize and appreciate it much more when you see what’s possible. That merely spells more income and lasting business for you.

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