What is Your Exit Strategy?

You may be asking “why paramount to plan business exit strategy for my business”? Well, acknowlege the facts, it is a part of reality that not every business survives and statistically speaking more than 80% of new enterprises do not make it in the first five years of business. This is one of the major reasons why organising an exit strategy is as important as ever when it comes to retirement planning and asset protection.

The business exit strategy basically refers to the work involved in exiting the business in the smartes way if things do not go according to plan (i.e. Bankruptcy, liquidation). The idea is to ensure your exit phase from the organisation is as hasslefree as possible with minimal damage or risk to yourself or the business which is ultimately the most essential asset that will assist you with your retirement plans.

So take the time to brainstorm and focus on your exi plan as this is a crucial tasks that you will undertake.

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