We Create Made to Order Banners

Wondering where to buy banners online? Here at TheSignChef, we make custom, made to order banners and signs. We know you need your banner fast and you need it done right. But most importantly, you want made to order banners that are unique to your business, organization or event. That’s why everything we do is custom!

What you get when you purchase made to order banners

Here at TheSignChef, all banners are made to order banners! You tell us what you want your made to order banners to look like and we’ll create them!

You control the design

You are in charge of your design on your made to order banners! Whether you create it yourself with our custom online tool, SignMagic, or use LiveDesign to give our graphic designer real-time feedback as he creates your banner from scratch, your design will be exactly as you imagined it!

You decide:

  • The background colors
  • The letter colors
  • The font
  • The spacing
  • The finish
  •  The size of the letters
  • The graphics
  • …And more!


You choose different options for your made to order banners

You have tons of options for your made to order banners. From durability to mounting options, made to order banners are SO customized that there isn’t anything you don’t personally choose.


You choose the size of your made to order banners. And your size options are unlimited. We can create made to order banners small enough for a shop window or large enough to cover an entire billboard.


You can have your banner made from extra-thick material that is used for banners mounted on street poles so they can hold up to strong wind and severe weather.


You can choose from a complete selection of banner stands, including the easy to set up retractable banner stands. Your made to order banners can be created specifically for one of these display options.


You can get grommets or pole pockets on your made to order banners. Grommets allow you to easily string up your banner while pole pockets let you insert a pole or rod along the top of your banner.


You can make your made to order banners double-sided. A double-sided banner is a great way to make your message more visible.


As you can see, our made to order banners really are made to order! You can completely customize your banners to your exact specifications. We do everything we possibly can to give our customers exactly what they want!


And if you have any questions, you can contact us from 9am to 9pm seven days a week.

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