Ways to Find a List of Penny Stocks

You can find a list of penny stocks nearly anywhere these days. The key is to find the right source to give you all the benefits in finding the best companies to analyze and invest in. This should save you a lot of time, energy and of course money in the long run. Research is especially pertinent if you are a beginner. And even for seasoned traders, this still applies, as investing is always going to be speculative. In short, find something to invest in that is worthwhile.

To start with, make is a conscious decision to find a list that is worthwhile. This means obtaining a list that is legitimate and has companies that are actually worth observing and analyzing. You can first try going to your brokerage and ask for a list, although a lot of brokerages will not trade penny stocks. If you are an existing client though and have traded through the brokerage regularly, then you’ll likely be able to obtain a list, even for free.

Probably the most convenient way to get lists is by using the Internet. You can find numerous free lists, however, you may also bump into sites that offer them with a partial fee or are fully paid. Evidently, you would want to find a balance and focus on getting the best value for what you pay or don’t pay for. The great thing about looking online is you will also get free advice and ideas on buying stocks on top of the list you get.

When online, make sure you get a list of penny stocks with complete company names to help you in your research. Speaking of research, you can stay updated by going for sites offering alert systems or regular, current newsletters. Watching the news and reading newspapers and magazines will also add on to your knowledge and experience. Also watch out for features that enable you to complete transactions in the convenience of your own home, using your computer. Moreover, you should be able to email to contact support 24/7. Again, whether these will be free or not, these aspects are what will give you the best value for your money.

Finally, get advice from everyone else. Ask people from your workplace or at the gym. Ask for recommendations from family and friends. You can also jump on online forums and see what list of penny stocks people are currently using.

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