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Why Virtual Tours Can Bring Instant Hot Leads to Your Car Sales And Real Estate Business

Gold coast Virtual ToursDo you own a car yard? Are you a real estate agent? Do you own a mobile phone? Have you ever played around with an app?
Chances are, if you answered yes to any of these questions, then you already understand the impact that mobile phones, tablets, and apps have made to the end consumer market. But what about all those people behind the apps? 

Did you know that twenty thousand apps are downloaded every minute? What does that mean for you, the used car salesman, the real estate agent?
Well think of it this way- What if I told you there was a way to test drive you latest vehicles, to twenty to thirty people a day, or showing properties to people without ever putting one mile on the odometer, even after you’re in bed in your pajamas, sound asleep? How about showing the prospective buyer through that car or cars or house or even houses for sale while you are having a coffee in the office.
With private virtual tours, you can!
Imagine having all your latest vehicles for sale in your normal everyday Generic Auto Guide or Real Estate Brochure, sitting in all the petrol stations, and supermarkets in your area. Like always, its got the make, model, price, for real estate the property details and some basic features and photos.
Demographics say that the hottest car and real estate buyers on the market right now are young men in their early to late twenties.
What does this demographic almost always have with them nowadays- you’re right, a smartphone!
Now imagine, that next to each photo is a little bubble, with a bar-code, that reads “Text this number now for a free virtual test drive!” or for the real estate agents it would be “Text this number now for a free virtual tour!” Your interested individual whips out their smartphone, scans the bar-code with their reader, or perhaps texts the vehicle ID to a certain number and is taken to a private virtual tour of your selected vehicle. the best part is, you get a message telling you that they are looking at the item right now and you will also get there mobile number so you can call them straight away. I am sure the get how powerful this method is and how creating this direct access to targeted buyers is the way of the future in marketing. Bottom line it will mean more sales for your business.
They are able to browse the features, get the feel and look of THAT car or house, all without you ever having to do one pitch, visit one property or take one test drive off the lot.
Imagine, any time, day or night, that someone is interested in YOUR vehicles, any car they want to see, at the tap of their finger.
Business tricks like this are hard to come by- that’s why the trained staff at Gold Coast Internet Marketing have all the tools you need to not only create these virtual tours, but implement them in effective ways into your business.
‘Hand over the keys’ to your business promotion, and know you are in safe hands with Gold Coast Internet Marketing.
In this day and age of instant communication, reach your potential clients instantly, any time. Imagine a client being warmed up, falling in love with a vehicle, before you ever meet with them- no more hard sells!
So call us on +61 07 55 80 41 80 now and put YOUR clients inside the house you are selling and the in driver’s seat today!

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