Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing is An Effective and Dynamic Way to Reach Your Customers

If you have ever watched a funny video of an online blooper, or had someone forward you something from YouTube, you probably know what I’m talking about, when I say that video marketing is VIRAL.

Video watching has literally taken up 70 percent of ALL internet use WORLD WIDE. That’s MASSIVE! With all those videos being watched, and re-watched, how does a small business owner actually capitalise on that?

To tell you the truth, there are ENDLESS ways that video marketing can be a cost-effective and dynamic solution to reaching your potential customers. You can have a simple video stating your products and services- linked to your website- linked to your Google listing- and this provides not only a direct way for the client to contact you, but you’ve interviewed for the contract before they have even started to dial. If, after watching your video, they are motivated to pick up the phone- well, all you have to do is close the sale.

Having video marketing in your arsenal of tools is like having a sales person active and awake 24/7, explaining your pitch or offer, and speaking to clients on your behalf.

Videos never need sleep, and they are viewable from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD at the touch of a button!

While most people leave their computers at home on a daily basis, chances are, they have their mobile phone with them RIGHT NOW. Imagine if they were checking their email, scrolling through the fluff, when your message pops up…They see you have a video, and simply out of curiousity, they are drawn to open your video right there and then. Most smart phones support YouTube, and what better way to get your name seen and heard?

But, you say, I have no way of creating a sleek, professional marketing video that will help my business! I’m no video expert!

You don’t need to be! Parents pay someone to babysit their children, so they can go out on the town and have a break. Why not pay someone to look after your business, make sure the marketing is taken care of, so you can have a break, as well?

Get back to the things you LOVE doing- get home EARLY for dinner, instead of late, take time off of worrying about how the next quarter will be. The team of professionals at Gold Coast Internet Marketing understand just how overwhelming being a business owner can be. Let us take some of the pressure off, so you can focus on serving your clients with energy, enthusiasm, and confidence.

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