Use Posters For A Variety of Things

After 25 years in the business, we know a thing or two about signs. And guess what? They don’t have to be expensive or even moderately priced – they can be downright cheap and still high quality! How? If you use banners and posters for temporary or indoor displays, you’ll spend way less than you would on a metal, plastic or wood sign. Banners posters are ideal for a variety of purposes at your office, school, shop and even at parties and celebrations! Let us show you how!

Use them at your office

There are some things your employees need to know. You can use posters to relay important info such as emergency exit info and your company’s code of ethics. You can even create posters to explain new policies or congratulate an employee of the month. Custom banners are ideal for use at company-wide events, retirement parties and for big announcements.

Use them at schools

Schools are an obvious place to use posters. But you don’t have to use those posters with quotes and inspirational sayings that are the same ones that hung in your classrooms when you were in school. Think outside the box! You can design custom posters with your favorite quotes or motivational sayings. Posters are useful in schools for promoting things like prom, ticket sales for plays and dances, class elections, yearbook sales and more. And custom banners are an inexpensive way to glam up dances, graduation, spirit week and more!

Use them in your shop (or other type of business)

“Grand Opening” banners are common, but there are way more uses for banners at your shop. High-end retail stores often use vertical banners mounted on freestanding banner stands to promote new products, sales, events and more. These types of banners look very high end and professional. Posters are useful as well. They’re cheap enough to use when promoting one-time events like sales, but they’ll last for years inside so they’re also ideal for communicating information to customers. Use them to promote store credit cards or to list alternative store locations.

Use them at parties and celebrations

Throw out those limp balloons and cheap crepe streamers. Instead, opt for a customized, personalized banner for your big celebration. You can print photos, names, dates and anything else you want on custom banners to make your loved one feel really special. Posters are fun and unexpected, too. Put up a poster of the happy couple at a wedding reception or posters of the birthday boy when he was just a kid at a 60th birthday bash. Custom posters are a great way to make someone the star of their party!

So, now you know all the great ways you can save money and relay important info or even have some fun with banners posters! Next time you need banners or posters, call TheSignChef and we’ll help you get exactly what you need!


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