Turning Your Dreams Into Dollars

Dream Big and Turn Your Dreams Into Dollars

Turning Your Dreams Into Dollars

Online Business Marketing:

I’m sure if you have an online business you’ve asked yourself the question where can I find that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  You hear and see so many success stories in the press and on TV of the next big thing and those who started from nothing and made it big.

So what makes them different from you?

If you’ve ever heard the saying “It started with a Dream” we begin to explore the essence of an idea. The idea grows from seed to sapling, from sapling to juvenile and with time and the right kind of nourishment blossoms into an enormous, spectacular fully developed, living and breathing entity. In much the same way people and brands that have become a household name today all started out as a dream…A dream that seeded. Look at Thomas Edison and GE, Bill Gates with Microsoft, the late great Steve Jobs with Apple, Walt Disney and Disneyland, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook the list goes on and on back through the ages. In fact every household name and brand that you can think of started out once as a dream that took seed.

Dream Big

So where would the world be today without dreamers? People who had the vision and intestinal fortitude to follow their dreams through. If some of the great visionaries of this world pulled out of the race after stumbling at the first hurdle, the second hurdle or the third hurdle the world would be a much sadder, poorer place for it.

So what do I mean by dream big?

At the risk of sounding obsequious let me illustrate by using a few analogies: Look at the Big Picture, Think Outside the Square, Don’t take No for an Answer…Do you Get the Picture! I believe to Dream Big you have to Think Big. This requires a complex formula I call Dream Big Potion. The quantities can differ if you want to fool around with formula but you cannot change the Ingredients. My formula is made up of:

One Large portion of Courage

Two tablespoons of Conviction

2 Large Cups of Self Belief

A cup and a half of Passion

Two cups of Persistence and Perserverence

Half a cup of concentrated Focus

Ten drops of Essence of Vision

One heaped tablespoon of Enthusiasm

Mix well and cook for as long as it takes for the Dream to be Fully Formed and ready to Consume the Market

Ice Liberally with Self Belief, Faith, Hope and Certainty. Enjoy with an expensive Glass of Wine in your new Multi Million Dollar Dream Home.

 The illustration may be a little corny but I’m sure you get the picture.

So many people fail because they lack the self belief and aren’t persistent enough or courageous enough to see their dreams through. Business Marketing encompasses all of the above combined with training, education (Theory and Practical), motivation, mentoring, promotions, market testing, market research, hire and recruitment, planning and implementation, cost analysis, budgeting, advertising and execution.

At Gold Coast Internet Marketing we understand that you need to Dream Big, that you need people to help you Grow and Nourish your dreams to make your difference and conquer your market. Even in todays troubling economic climate there are still dreamers out there who are growing and nourishing their next big thing. You owe it to yourself to get a specialist in Business Marketing, Online Marketing and Internet Marketing behind you to help you grow yours.

At Gold Coast Internet Marketing there is nothing we like more than to help businesses to flourish and prosper. If you would like us to mix you up a hearty batch of our Dream Big Potion and infuse your business with energy, enthusiasm and empowerment then we’re just one call away. Pick up the phone and book yourself a Free Consultation Today and let us Turn Your Dreams into Dollars.

Bring Your Dreams To Life!

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