To Succeed in Sales You Need to Set Goals!

I’m a big believer in setting goals. I’ve discovered that if I set objectives in some a part of my life, things just seem to work out better than if I do not. There are lots of methods to set objectives and I’ve learned from most of the leaders within the subject reminiscent of Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield… a number of the most profitable individuals in the industry. I’ve also talked to many individuals in all walks of life relating to the best way wherein they set goals. An important factor although, is that you just do, actually, set them at all. And write them down so that they are clear to you.

Using the most effective method you may is one of the best approach. Get motivated and think about what you want. My favourite question to ask myself (and others) while aim setting is to contemplate: “What’s it about reaching that is so necessary to me?”. As soon as I’ve found the answer to this query I know how to go about setting the goal.

As a rule I find that my aim does not have to be what I initially thought it had to be. By asking myself this query I’ve discovered that I can obtain the aim of the objective, without having to to do all the tasks I originally thought it involved.

Here’s an example:

Aim: I need to have $one hundred,000 in the financial institution by the top of the year.

Question: “What’s an important factor to me about having $a hundred,000 within the bank at the finish of this 12 months?”

Answer (core motivation): I will feel a way of accomplishment and freedom from worry about money.

So I ask: “What different methods can I discover that will give me a way of achievement and a freedom from worry about money?”

Reply: I would be at liberty if I knew I might make passive earnings of $a hundred/day. And I might feel a way of accomplishment if this had been the case.

So it seems I am glad to have achieved a goal by doing (from what I can tell) rather a lot less work!

$one hundred/ day is far easier to realize than a total financial savings of $a hundred,000 within the bank. And I would be satisfied with this goal.

So I add a timeline, imagine myself with the result, what I might see, feel and be like as soon as it’s achieved and I touch base with that emotion frequently.

That is how I do it. Have fun!

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