Tips To A More Thriving MLM Venture

If your mlm company provides excellent products and payplan it seems to me a great shock that so many associates who come into this trade fail to create much money and set themselves up for life. The potential that this business style offers definately is powerful when you look at the power of constructing a downline and having hundreds of people below you all eager to grow their business, in theory you should almost be able to take a back seat and watch the profits roll in.


Over the last few weeks I’ve had conversations with several network marketers, some successful and some not, I am of the belief that the most common reasons people are not making any money in this business is lack of training and lack of positive action! It is true that a lot of network marketing companies and uplines simply do not train their new distributors how to create a cash flow quickly. Retention rates in this business are somewhere around a pathetic 15% People just entering the industry often say they don’t get the guidance they need from their sponsors and it goes without saying that the traditional methods of recruitment do not work as well as they used to.


attraction marketing is something that you must educate yourself on if you have not already, I learned from the great guru himself Mike Dillard and since putting his principles into action I have been able to build a very profitable business and work with like minded people. I’d highly recommend you check out his material. Once you start marketing yourself if you get it right you will magnetize the proper people to you and you start to build trust and authority with them and done correctly prospects are going to become interested in you and your primary business. Using the internet and employing the attraction marketing principles is very effective. An important thing to remember is, don’t fall into the trap many newbies do by putting links everywhere claiming ‘Best business ever, make $$$ overnight, The best company since sliced bread’ etc…you know the sort of thing, just take a look in your email spam box. New prospects want to know who you are before they agree to buy your stuff of join your company, therefore you are much better off marketing yourself and what you can propose to your prospects in the way of overwhelming value and support.


Always offer real value! Always remember to captivate the attention of your prospects you must offer them overwhelming value, take things to the next level and be the one who rises above from the marketing noise and become respected and become the hunted.


Make sure that you have systems in place that will effectively take care of prospecting on auto-pilot, things such as autoresponders and video marketing, emails you enter only once and then can be sent to millions of people, videos you produce one time and can be viewed by hundreds. Again all this you must teach to your team. Attraction marketing is the clear winner, not spam marketing. By passing on these these strategies to your downline you will have a much better retention rate. I’d love to teach you more but I can’t do it all in one article!.


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