The Top Five Reasons You Should Use Metal Signs for Your Business

Have you thought about what type of sign material to use for your new business sign? It may seem trivial, but it’s actually a very important aspect of your signage and your business overall.

Broadly speaking, there are THREE different sign material categories: plastic, wood and metal signs. They are all great options and each offer different things. But in general, we recommend using metal signs for your business for FIVE main reasons:

5. Metal signs are extremely weather resistant

You’re not going to take down your business sign and store it in the garage when the snow starts are you? Not if you want a successful business! That’s why metal signs are an excellent choice for your business. You can’t afford for your sign to be worn down or otherwise damaged by a blizzard, a storm, extreme temperatures or even salty air.

Luckily, metal signs stand up extremely well to all kinds of extreme weather. And extreme weather doesn’t just mean snow storms. Everything from acid rain to salty beach air to lightning to high winds can be harsh on a sign that isn’t made specifically to be weather resistant. Aluminum, Alumalite and Dibond are all great choices if you live in a place that experiences any kind of extreme weather. 

4. Metal signs are durable

Metal signs are the most durable type of sign. Metal ages slowly and will last a long time. This means that your metal sign, even outdoors, will last for years to come. And that’s great, because most business signage is placed outdoors. That’s another reason we recommend a durable material like metal over, say, plastic.

3. Metal signs give you options

Once you decide on metal signage, you still have options to choose from within that category. The most popular type of metal signs is aluminum. Aluminum is super durable and available in three grades. Alumalite is made of corrugated plastic covered with rigid aluminum panels. Dibond is a solid plastic sign that is reinforced on both sides with that same rigid aluminum. Finally, Armourwood is the strongest of all metal signs, as it is reinforced with a wood shell.

2. Metal signs are sturdy

Once installed, your metal sign isn’t going anywhere. They’re all built to last – right where you put them – for a very long time. Things happen: trees fall, cars and bikes back into signs, the ground rots. With metal signage, you can rest assured that your sign is as sturdy as possible!

1. Metal signs look expensive

No one wants to walk into a business with a falling-down sign out front, right? People are more likely to respond to a bright, shiny new sign that looks professional and expertly made. And metal signs certainly do. They stand tall, look sturdy and appear as the beacon of your business. Your business signage is the first impression you make on customers – let it shine!

If you have any questions about metal signs, you can contact us anytime from 9am to 9pm seven days a week.

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