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More us are buying temporary car insurance  rather than going for the longer term annual policy.

Since people have much less disposable income these days, this type of temporary insurance offers a realistic alternative to paying out much more for a long term plan.

Temporary car insurance quotes can differ between companies because different insurance companies judge the risk in different ways.

Depending on the car you want to drive and your personal circumstances such as claims history, address, age etc, this will dictate your premium.

 People need temporary car insurance for a variety of reasons for example when they have a to borrow a car, or use a car for a vacation.


A major problem for lots of driversis leaving it until the last minute to buy the temp car insurance and just accepting the first quote they get. You should make some enquiries now, when you don’t need it so you have an idea of the costs involved for when you do need it.


The lifetime of a temp policy can vary greatly.  Some peopleonly need cover for 1 day whereas others might require cover for 30 days.  Young peoplecan use this type of insurance if they only need to drive a car for a short trip, or for a vacation for example.

Teenagers and young adults struggle to pay high insurance premiums as they are rated a high risk and get charged an extortionate amount by most companies.  In these cases, temporary car insurance can offer these consumersa life line.

These policies can be very affordable for young peoplewho might only want to take a car on vacation for example.

Paying the fee on a temp policy for a short period saves them an enormous amount of money and gives them a service they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford.


There are some specialist car insurance companies that specialise in providing temporary car insurance for younger consumersor perhaps driverswho are a higher risk.

The premiums may be slightly higher, but at least they give the driver the opportunity to get insurance and drive their car legally.

One of the factors that has contributed to the rise in insurance premiums for temporary car insurance, is the increase in fraudulent claims.

There is no doubt that if full long term insurance is out of your range, temporary insurance could be the answer.  Not only does it enable you to drive legally, but it helps you build up a better driving history which will reduce your costs in the long term.

To discover more tips on why you need temporary car insurance visit our website.  We also have some great temp car insurance resources on our Squidoo Lens.

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