St Louis SMS Advertising and Mobile Coupons Creates High Readership

Cell phone advertising is a trend that is hard to ignore. Take for instance Google’s huge $750,000,000 payout for AdMob and Apple’s buyout of Quattro Wireless.

Google feels this is the most thorough and cost-effective tool for the distribution of your advertising messages, key

financial alerts or church notices to smartphones, cell phones, connected mobile devices, desktops, laptops, netbooks, and iPads.

These St Louis mobile SMS marketing text messages that are being sent may not be considered flashy too some, but the end result is extremely positive since this provides one-on-one communication between the church and its members as well as buyers with sellers.

One of the most exciting attributes about SMS text messages and mobile marketing is that it works amazingly well with online advertising, print ads and video marketing.

Plus, the response rates are much higher for business and website owners compare to e-mailing.

One of the reasons for these high response rates is that texting is a real opt-in marketing channel which means the consumer actively seeks out information and then signs up for updates on the product or service they are interested in.

If nothing else, every small business owner needs to start utilizing SMS advertising now because it has been proven to raise business revenues anywhere from 15 to 40 percent.

And here’s why: More than 90 percent of all SMS text messages are actually read within three minutes of being received. Can you imagine in three minutes? Now that is powerful for a small business owner.

This can definitely make your current advertising more profitable since your ad will be seen.

Plus, over 99 percent of all SMS text messages are read from start to finish by the recipient.

Of course, the smart business owner will jump on this proven marketing tool that communicates directly with the end user or customer.

There will be those who will not utilize this advertising media but will in the end lose profits to their competitor as the selling venue is changing thanks to technology.

The good news is that you do not have to have the budget of a million dollar corporation to utilize SMS text messages.

This St Louis mobile marketing platform is now affordable for America’s business owners both online and offline to try and use.

This low cost of utilizing SMS text messages is an incredible value for the small business owner considering the fact that approximately 52,000 text messages are sent every second of the day.

We haven’t even talked about the database it can build for you, the automatic advertising via mobile website and St Louis iPhone Apps and the ongoing profits you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Successful companies are already using this marketing service and have been for years.

You’ve probably heard of some of these companies like Target, McDonalds, JC Penny, Coca-Cola and American Idol who helped started this communication craze.

Companies like can help you get started and best of all, do so inexpensively.

It is now convenient shopping from your mobile phone when getting a St Louis Coupon and Deals from mobile marketing company. Shop with the absolute best merchants in St. Louis by getting mobile coupons for St Louis businesses.

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