Some Answers About TVI Express

TVI Express, fully known as Travel Ventures International are based in London, United Kingdom.

Their life began in January 2009 and there have been some outstanding income claims made by representatives involved in this company which is why I was intrigued and took at look at it. Whilst scouring through their information I couldn’t help but think ‘What is the product being sold’ Whenever I get this question pop up in my mind I always get a red sign flashing in my brain that says ‘PONZI’.

After reading the TVI Express review website and doing my own further research the only ‘product’ that I can relate to this opportunity is a 5/6 night hotel accommodation voucher which you get when you sign up for $250 and the promise of access to ‘future holiday & vacation deals’

I have doubt in my mind about the authenticity of TVI as there does not seem to be any actual products that are being sold

What ways can you make money with this opportunity?

A distributor will make their money from getting others to sign up and pay the $250. They operate a ‘rotating matrix’ compensation plan and you have to ‘cycle’ through the ‘Travel Board’ first and then you will be paid $250 and given an e-voucher of $250. Your next goal is then to earn a reward payment of $10,000. You do this on the next level which is the “Express Board”. Again you cycle your way to the highest level of the matrix and then the process is repeated. To join TVI there is a onetime only payment of $250. In order to qualify for the bonus payment you need to sponsor just 2 people.

So how is it possible for you to get 2 people to join for $250 each and then get paid $10,000? This is because swarms of folks are all rushing to join up under the impression that they are going to magically get rich by paying $250 and assuming that this keeps happening the matrix ‘cycling’ can continue. TVI says that this process can be repeated over and over again.

These kind of schemes will always fizzle out eventually. It seems there is no tangible product here so once the influx of new members stops (and it will) the matrix stops moving and no one profits anymore. Because standard companies that operate on an MLM business model sell tangible products, people still profit after saturation occurs.

Is this a legitimate opportunity?

In these situations I always ask myself, does the MLM product offered benefit the consumer. I will always figure out if the company’s product/s would sell by themselves; even if there was no comp plan involved. Its a negative answer all round as far as I am concerned.

Should you join TVI?

Well the compensation plan looks extremely impressive. Don’t try and sponsor anyone that you value their friendship though. I have seen comments that indicate payments are not necessarily cash, but instead you get vouchers, which can be redeemed for holiday and travel arrangements.

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