Rent Guarantee Insurance

Rent Guarantee Insurance, to rent your house without this, for what it costs would be a tad silly (in our opinion), of course, for all lets it is not available, but, if you can get it, take it!

Rent Guarantee Insurance

Rent guarantee insurance is one of the best policies on earth!  Sure, it’s a cost you could rather do without, but, it really does cost so little, and, generally most policies offer so much that to not take it is not a good choice.

Even the best tenant, who had the best credit score and reference report can lose their job, and, what is the first bill they stop paying… their rent, where does that leave you?


Rent Guarantee Insurance – what is it?

Rent guarantee insurance generally covers the landlord for:

  • Rent for 12 months (from the 1st month of defaulting)
  • Legal costs through to getting the property back
  • Court fees
  • Some element of damage


Rent Guarantee Insurance – cost?

Obviously this depends on a few criteria, the number of tenants and often the value of the monthly rent.

At, our rent guarantee insurance is only based on the number of tenants upto a high rent, and is around £65 for one tenant and £95 for two tenants, this is an average.

So, what is £65 throughout a year?  A fiver a month.  Compare that with the peace of mind you get knowing that if things go wrong with the tenant you are covered and your mortgage gets paid.


Rent Guarantee Insurance – How do I get it?

You have to take the insurance before you take the tenants (of course…), so, before you sign a tenant up you need to go through tenant referencing, again through tenant referencing is free to the landord.  If the tenant passes the referencing procedure then rent guarantee insurance will be offered to you, you do not have to take it, but it is offered.


Rent Guarantee Insurance – Summary

Take it, don’t let your property without it.  It’s quick and simple to arrange through – lets go get your rent guarantee insurance in place now!

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