Reasons Why Purchasing Temporary Car Insurance During a Holiday is Important

It doesn’t really matter where you drive.  The fact is that to drive within the law, you must have the correct car insurance.  Some US States require you to have specific types of car insurance so it’s important to remember that the kind of car insurance you buy could differ from country to country.  This is the reason you should be sure that you are buying the proper car insurance for the place you are travelling to.  Whether you’ll be loaning someone else’s car, buying a car in the area you are travelling to or renting a car when you get there, you will definitely want to be sure you buy the car insurance you need.  You will not only be abiding by the driving laws of that specific town but you will also be protecting yourself.  Should you have an accident or anyone get injured you would be covered.


Temporary car insurance is applicable to protect multiple drivers..  This means, any of the people insured could drive the car.  Other drivers are also covered by the temporary car insurance policy meaning they are all permitted to drive legally.  When you decide to start looking for temporary car insurance, it is advisable to first approach your exisating insurance company.  This way you are getting from a company that you have a relationship with and you will be able to get it for a lower price. Presumably you won’t have to buy an entirely new temporary car insurance policy from your current car insurance company.  The great thing about temporary car insurance is that once you’ve completed your trip and don’t need it any more, you can usually just cancel it..


If you were to obtain temporary car insurance from an outside source, like a car insurance company situated in the city you are travelling to or through the rental car company, you will find it probably costs more that way. All things being equal, it is probably that you’ll have to purchase a car insurance term policy.  Usually the minimum term you can take the policy over is 180 days, or 6 months,  meaning if you if you are only travelling for a few days or weeks, you will be forced to buy more car insurance than you actually require.   There could be an option to purchase temporary car insurance from a car insurance company that you don’t have an existing relationship with, the probability is that they will charge you a considerable cancellation fee when you don’t need it anymore.


Before you plan to drive to your proposed location, you should check the type of cover that is the law.  This will take some detailed planning but with time, patience and the input from your car insurance representative, you should be able to take all of the necessary steps required so that you get the correct temporary car insurance you need.

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