Over 50s auto insurance boom

It’s not simply health and wellbeing that is playing a part within the number of people selecting to continue driving later in life, with numerous other aspects mirroring this desire to hold back the years.


 The value of the so-called ‘grey pound’ for senior spending has risen sharply inside the last few years, with additional elderly people today spending their retirement taking holidays and enjoying life, and adjustments towards the maximum working age may perhaps see ever much more Brits deciding upon to function ever later in life too. Nowadays, a substantial percentage of the UK’s working population is over 50 years of age, and for a lot of their vehicles are important for getting them to and from function meaning an excellent insurance policy is equally very important.


Sometimes a neglected insurance demographic within the past, it is clear that over 50 car insurance is of important significance for insurers looking to hold onto their customers by offering cheaper premiums for this already-privileged age group. Mainly because drivers over 50 tend to be involved in fewer incidents, resulting in fewer claims becoming produced, premiums are generally less expensive for these drivers than those in younger, higher risk categories for instance, teenage drivers who’re just starting out.



 Although experience does count a great deal inside the eyes of insurers specially if older drivers have managed to prevent making claims throughout their lives, leading to a substantial no claims bonus there are extra reasons why drivers over 50 are involved in fewer accidents than their younger counterparts. Amongst these are the uncomplicated facts that older motorists tend to create fewer and shorter journeys, also as being far more likely to drive vehicles that are less expensive to insure.


 As motorists enter their later life and develop into much less proficient behind the wheel, their insurance premiums understandably rise, but continuing advances in healthcare mean that the present rates for drivers over 60, 70 and 80 years old may also need to be revised, as the over 50s car insurance boom resonates into later life.

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