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There are so many individuals these days searching online for the mlm success secrets, so today I wrote this article to help those that may be considering taking their network marketing business online. Without a doubt there is a steep learning curve and things are done very differently online; I personally believe that it has some distinct advantages over offline marketing but should by no means replace offline networking. MLM success is after all about building relationships with people and that cannot be done solely online. nothing can completely replace the good old meetings and telephone calls!

If you decide to take up marketing your MLM online you will encounter some major plus points, firstly, we are able to contact so many more people than most of us could do offline. Most starting their journey in network marketing do not have a large list of suitable business contacts and possible interested people so we are unable to hit the road running. Secondly the internet offers some VERY powerful leverage, the work of generating leads and following up with those leads can be done for us automatically using various mechanisms. The internet offers an easy solution to lead follow up, don’t totally replace this though in place of good old fashioned phone calls, it just means we don’t have to make those ‘cold’ calls anymore.

Let’s look briefly at some of the systems we should have in position,

1) It’s vital to your success that you own a website. By not having a webpage you will have a tough time doing business online. In order to capture a person’s contact details (usually name & email) thus creating a lead you will need to offer something of value, the visitor then inputs their details into a webform. More often than not internet marketers give away free training materials to get folks to opt-in. When giving stuff away ensure it’s useful!. You will also need an autoresponder, this will send out emails for you on auto pilot. You write the messages once and tell the system when to send them out and you’re done!

2) The next step is to master the concepts of web traffic and get plenty of it to your webpage’s. No traffic = no leads = no sales, so this step is vital. Lots of consistent traffic and valuable content on your site means you will have new leads every day which of course is great for your business and bank account!

3) In order to take your leads through a scientific sales process you need to have a good sales funnel in position, in this process your leads will keep on receiving relevant and worthwhile information from you. At times that you decide they will be offered low cost products to purchase, any purchases made will of course earn you affiliate commission payments which can be useful to put towards an advertising budget. For this concept to work it is very important that you are fostering a relationship with your prospect, keep offering value and don’t blast them emails about how great your mlm company is every day ;). Our end goal is of course to naturally expose our prospects repeatedly to our business in a non threatening way. Using this method we can put ourselves in a very strong marketing position by having a list we can sell to time and time again. ‘The money is in the list’ – have you come across marketers who say that? they are indeed right!

You really can get some fantastic free MLM leads results if you decide to market your mlm on the internet, be careful however not to fall into the trap of only ever communicating by email or online chat.

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