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The success or failure of your Internet Marketing Business depends largely on your internet viewing audience. If they’re interested in the products and services you’re offering for sale you can expect to earn hundreds to thousands of dollars regularly in revenue generated from your online business. On the other hand if your viewing audience are just too lazy or not stimulated enough to act then it doesn’t matter what you are offering your chances of earning enough passive income to retire on just flew out the window.

To be a successful internet marketer you need to grab your audience by the scruff of the neck, you need to stimulate them, motivate them, tweak their emotions, whet their appetite and…like the term made famous by The Godfather…”Make them an offer they can’t refuse!”

Because it doesn’t matter how many unique visitor you attract to your website if your Call to Action is not powerful enough to convert your audience  into buyers you might as well put your old site out to pasture! Gold Coast Internet Marketing implements powerful marketing and advertising techniques that will breathe new life into your webpages. It will show you how to create a loyal customer base, create lists of customers you can market to again and again and show you how to market successfully to your target audience so that your till keeps ticking over.

Anyone will buy from you if you know how to create value, build suspense, make your product appear indispensable and give your customers enough reasons to say YES.

There are many various online advertising methods that have been used successfully over the Internet for years and some work for some people and not for others. In other words, finding a method that works for you requires careful market research, product and or service testing and fine tuning to ascertain which specific method to implement for you. Because the essence of Online Business Marketing and Advertising is industry specific every business that wants to be successful onlinr requires a qualified specialist to navigate them through the complex processes that ultimately create the desired results.

There are huge numbers of individuals and companies operating online who want to advertise what they have to offer, and there are also huge numbers of individuals and companies on the Internet who are willing to provide some advertising spaces. However, considering that the online advertising market is quite large, it will be inefficient for the advertisers as well as the providers of these online advertising spaces to individually meet and talk about the terms of conditions of advertising.

The individual or company who wishes to advertise will certainly contact an online-based advertising company that are willing to provide the space that the advertiser needs as well as distribute their advertisements to different venues on the Internet at the same time.

So before you go, there are several things you need to consider first.

Start to gather a collection of websites or online companies that are willing to place advertisements on their sites. Select sites that are getting high web traffic every month. Once you have gathered advertising site venues, you may now start soliciting advertising clients. These advertisers will pay a certain amount of money that is commensurate with the exposure of their products or services on your advertising site venues. For instance, if you have contracted with 20 websites that are receiving an average of 200,000 web visitors every month, you can sell as much as 2,000,000 advertising exposures every month on each advertiser. In case that you have negotiated around 20 advertising venues on each website, you can sell an equivalent of 20 advertising clients with 2,000,000 advertising exposures every month. If an advertiser only pays for 1,000,000 advertising exposures, you can still sell the remaining 1,000,000 advertising exposures for a total of 11 advertising clients.

Now, what are the types of online advertising that you can offer? Here are some of the offerings that you can sell to individuals or companies who wish to advertise their products or services on the Internet.

     Banner ads– these ads are typically pictorial ads that are commonly viewed on high-traffic sites and includes a hyperlink back to the advertisers own site. These are priced according to the number of ads shown. For instance, banner ads can be sold in lots of 250,000 impressions each.
     Sponsorship ads– these ads are commonly larger than banner ads, which sometimes contain considerable amount of text. These are typically placed on high-traffic areas such as ezines or online newsletters.  It is priced according to the number of readers of the newsletter or publication in which the ad is placed.
     Pay Per Click (PPC) ads– these ads are priced according to the number of clicks generated through site visitors, These are commonly text ads, though there are PPC ads that are pictorial-based.

Starting your own online advertising business is another opportunity of earning more money from the Internet marketing industry. Call us now for your free gift on 0416051588.

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