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North American Power (NAP) is definitely an energy provider designed to help folks make the most of deregulated rates. NAP was organized in 2009 by two industry veterans Kerry Breitbart and Carey Turnbull. Kerry and Carey have three goals in mind: helping consumers spend less,  giving back to local non-profits, and creating  income opportunities for the sales force. NAP Launched in Connecticut in March of 2010 and within a month, that they had 2000 new clients!

April 2011, NAP brought in a continuing philanthropic program called Missions To Millions.The goal of this program is to give money to worthy causes. Right now, the company happens to be giving to 6 organizations. The enterprise promises to add additional organizations in the coming months.

When individuals choose NAP as his or her energy supplier, NAP will donate $1 on their behalf to the charity of their choice. NAP keeps growing fast,  adding about 500 new clients per day, this is creating significant funding every month to the charities from the Mission To Millions program.

Learning to be a customer in NAP is easy. One thing you have to have is your energy bill in front of you, but you just go online and fill in a simple form. You then must call to make sure that that you do wish to switch energy companies. The whole process takes under 5 minutes. Switching is free of charge to do and you will switch to your previous supplier anytime by calling them. All you do next is sit back and enjoy the savings.

Ok, this is what really sold me on NAP. Being an internet marketer, I’ve been approached by dozens of distributers from other electricity companies attempting to convince me to  become a customer of theirs. A great friend of mine asked me to switch to his company and I did. I figured about doing the opportunity. I was already in the home business that we enjoyed, and so I had no need to join his, therefore I simply became a customer. When I learned about NAP and learned that there was no investment to join, I was completely floored to learn that being a distributor for the company require no fee. Other energy companies require an investment ranging from $300 – $429, and many have a monthly fee ranging from $20 – $40. With NAP there’s no investment and no monthly fee. All you need to do is turn into a customer, that’s it!

Just because you a join an internet business opportunity doesn’t imply that you will be successful. What creates success is really a proven online marketing strategy and the willingness to be effective. Earlier this year, NAP has been truly blessed when a gentleman named John Costino joined the business. For those of you that don’t know John, he’s got 17 years training more than 750,000 home-based business owners. This really is huge..he was also involved in the telecomm deregulation and was able to generate more than $7.5 million in monthly revenue. His role in NAP is always to train reps in this industry and help them achieve success.

Corporate training is important, but equally important is the training and support from the team which you join. If you have questions, you need a team which will answer those questions for you. You need support from your upline to help you. Using a team of people which help you achieve success is absolutely huge and might literally function as difference between success and failure. Whenever you join our team, you will have access to not only myself, but to the whole team. I have been in network marketing for 5 years and the kinds of team work and support you will receive from this team is uncommon. Joining the best company is essential, but joining the right team is much more important. Joining people that only want success for you and will support you every step of the way.

Or even North American Power, Then What?
If you are searching for a method to supplement your revenue or maybe that you want to eventually replace your fulltime income and you decide not to join with NAP, then what will you do? Get a parttime job or pay several hundred dollars joining another energy company? NAP requires no investment, no overhead, no lost money. You’ll receive proven training from top leaders as well as support from the upline.

I have already been marketing on the internet for awhile now and i also have spoke with many energy reps from other companies and what I have seen to be the most common compliant inside the other companies is they don’t know what to do after they have exhausted their warm market. They have exhausted their family and friends, now what? If you wish to get massive exposure turning to the internet is the way to go, but the problem is, people don’t know how to market. Of course, if they try internet marketing, their marketing isn’t effective also it does not result in any signups. This quite often not only wasted money and time, but it is extremely frustrating. Yes, I myself experienced this personally. It’s not fun. You want to learn from online marketers that have achieved success and from the ones that marketing strategies are working now, not last year.

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