No Contract Cell Phone Plans Comparison

If you do not want to be stuck from the cell phone contract year, but you provide no problem paying a fixed monthly fee for the mobile phone without a contract agreement can be exactly what you’ll need. In this paper I compare the actual details of the entire agreement of four plans, no cell phone. Here you’ll will find information about available plans, the entire cost per minute and around the field of mobile phones.




Cricket offers unlimited plans with no contract cell phone to obtain individuals and families. The cheapest individual plan costs $ 30/month needed for local calls only. If you and your family want to talk to a strong unlimited long distance calls and then text messages, you actually pay $ 35/month. Unlimited family plans start at $ 99/month with respect to 3 lines. The range includes Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and consequently Kyocera phones. The catalog furthermore contains two full QWERTY keyboard phones.


Net 10


The carrier offers four different plans no contract cell phone. The plans are local calls, national long distance and domestic calls and SMS messages when roaming. Monthly packages can be available (cost per minute $ 0.10) Cost: $ 15 per month in support of 150 minutes, $ 25 per month for 250 minutes and also 400 minutes in support of $ 400/month. You can always apply the flat rate to local calls together with domestic long distance and roaming calls and so text messages needed for $ 79.98/month opt. The product range comprises mainly LG, Motorola, Kyocera or Nokia phones.


AT & T


AT & T offers five rates of 200 minutes when it comes to $ 29.99/month ($ 0.15/minute) with regards to $ 69.99/month for 650 minutes. There are no additional long distance coupled with national roaming. The product range includes about 20 phones from Htc, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. A cell phone QWERTY computer keys can also be found in the product range having to do with this transporter.


Consumer Cellular


This service offers six different no contract cell phone plans to choose from. The plan may be $ 10 cheaper per month does not include every minute. The conversations that you calculated at $ 0.25/minute. This plan is their best choice if you only use some sort of cell phone occasionally. Other plans range from $ 20 per month pertaining to 200 minutes ($ 0.10/minute) at $ 60/month to get 1600 minutes (less than 4 cents / minute). Family plans are an excellent additional charge $ 10 per month for each line are available. The range consists from Motorola and Nokia phones.


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