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The Curtis Group Team

Your probably thinking, Penquins? What the heck do they have to do with Multi Level Marketing?I will get back to that a little later but there is a point and I promise I will discuss it. First I want to speak to and about all of the negative press and conotations that Multi Level Marketing receives. I have to tell you there is so much to say on this subject that it will be hard to cover in one fell swoop but I will try.

First let me make a list of the supposed negative issues surrounding Multi Level Marketing.


  • Market Saturation Happens With Multi Level Marketing
  • Bothering Friends and Family Is Unique To Multi Level Marketing 
  • Pyramid Schemes And Multi Level Marketing
  • Multi Level Marketing And Unlimited Competition
  • Morality, Ethics And Multi Level Marketing
  • Personal Relationships Suffer Because Of Multi Level Marketing
  • The Failure Rate Of Multi Level Marketing

I read a few articles the other day decrying the evils of Multi Level Marketing and really felt the need to respond. These articles spoke as if they were addressing the  ” Bad Reality ” of Multi Level Marketing. Frankly to me it sounded more like sour grapes wrapped up in a fancy package called ” trying to educate the unwary “.

Hey I know this is all new stuff for the writers of these articles but here is a news flash, any company that thinks they will survive with one product for the next 50 years will most likely fail. The reason I make this comment is because it seems the main argument against Multi Level Marketing is the fact that the market will, at some point, become saturated and when this happens the last person in will be left holding the bag. Frankly I do not care if you are Apple Computers, if you only have one product then sooner or later you will fail. The reason I bring up Apple Computers is because this is exactly what almost happened to them about a decade ago. Enter the IPOD and the rest is history. If a Multi Level Marketing company has only one product, I say, run in the other direction.

Now it is not to say that the writers of these articles do not have a point, they do. The problem is that they attribute this reality only to Multi Level Marketing when in fact it is a commonality of all business. If you do not adapt you will cease to exist. It’s called evolution. Now if you do not believe in evolution then I can see how you could make that argument, true or not you could make it. But for most of us we know that evolution is a fact of survival. It is just easier to recognize this fact in business. This fact is not unique to Multi Level Marketing.

I Suppose I Should Point Out The Obvious. I Am A Believer In Multi Level Marketing.

Having said that I think I should give you a little background and with it my credentials. First, let me say that, I was not always successful with Multi Level Marketing. As a matter of fact I swore, less than a year ago, that I would never get involved with Multi Level Marketing ever again and would have read these articles that I perused with disdain for those wretched MLMers. So what happened that made me change my mind? quite simply I learned the truth about how to build your business. Which brings me to the second biggest reason people rail against the evils of Multi Level Marketing.

Talking To Friends And Family About Your Multi Level Marketing Opportunity

For a long time I believed this fallacy until I was set straight by a very successful person in Multi Level Marketing. In fact I told him that was one of the things I hated most about this industry. The whole time I was spewing this nonsense, the same nonsense that appears in these articles I read, this guy is quietly laughing, not at me but at the lie that has been told. To tell you the truth I do not know how it got started and I do hear a lot of MLMer’s say this very thing ” You must direct your efforts to your WARM market “. That is code for friends and family. Here is the thing, it simply does not work. Period! Oh yeah, every once in a while you will meet someone who has built their business successfully this way, maybe one in a hundred, but the fact is that the majority will fail using this method. Personally it did not work for me and the odds suck! My experience is that these people have no interest in starting their own business, if they did they would. So here is what happens. They buy your product to help you out or shut you up. They are not buying your product because they really believe in it and so the life expectancy of them as a retail customer is very short. They also do not want to start a Multi Level Marketing business or any other business so their chances of success are somewhere between slim and none. As anyone knows with Multi Level Marketing, if the people in your group are not succeeding then you can not succeed. Of course in all of this relationships get frayed and in some cases get lost forever.

99% Of Successful People In Multi Level Marketing Do Not Build Their Businesses In This Way!

So what do they do ?

Well they do exactly what any successful business marketing plan attempts. They try to target their market so they are only speaking to people that have a genuine interest in starting their own Multi Level Marketing business. It seems patently obvious but I can tell you that until this was pointed out to me I did not get it. I had seen people become successful with Multi Level Marketing and I had seen people fail, including me, but I did not know what the really successful people were doing. Now there are many ways to target your market and they all cost money to varying degrees.

This is a point that needs to be stressed. Many if not most people get into Multi Level Marketing and think they will not have to put any money into the growth of their Multi Level Marketing business. Somehow this is all supposed to magically happen. That is actually a big part of the problem. See the reason people only hear that the way to grow your business is through friends and family is because it is free. The way to really grow your business properly costs money! What I am saying is, if you do not intend put any money into the growth of your business then DO NOT even try to sell me on the idea that it is because Multi Level Marketing does not work and is a scam! No business will work if you do not spend any money on its growth and success!

Pyramid Scheme? | Show Me A Company That Is Not!

This is the one that always, even when I was failing at Multi Level Marketing, cracked me up. There is not a company in the world that is not a Pyramid and it is not a scheme. It is the way companies are set up. If you look at the traditional company there is a senior executive team, ie: CEO, CFO, Board of Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents etc…Then there is a layer of upper management. Then there is a layer of middle management. Then there is a layer of store managers or lower management. Then there is a layer of employees at varying levels of proficiency and pay. Each layer going from smallest to largest and top to bottom. Hmmm. Kinda sounds like a pyramid, doesn’t it? So the idea that Multi Level Marketing is somehow enethical and immoral because it has the same fundamental structure as every other company in the world is laughable at best and insidiously deceptive at worst.

Unlimited Competition Saturates The Market | Can You Say McDonalds Or Starbucks?

The argument goes something like this. If everyone is involved in your business then there will be no one left to sell to. As if everyone will ever get involved in starting their own Multi Level Marketing business in your particular niche. Just ridiculous. But for the sake of argument, if having too many people invovled was going to saturate the market or you were going to run out of people to sell to, wouldn’t that have already effected companies like McDonalds and Starbucks? et al. For gods sake, there is a Starbucks and McDonalds every where you look and somehow they continue to thrive and prosper. I’m sorry but it just gets really irritating when people who have failed want to blame everyone and thing but themselves.

The Failure Rate In Multi Level Marketing Is Astonishingly High

As compared to what? The overall failure rate of any new business is roughly 80% and up. The failure rate of Multi Level Marketing is roughly the same. Nobody said this would be easy. Starting your own business and succeeding at it is not easy. If it was everybody would do it. Oh wait, that’s right everybody will be doing it. That is how the market is going to get saturated. Please! Look, the reason most people fail in any business is because they have no plan for success, marketing or otherwise. Having said that, it is very important that you do your homework. If the company you are about to get involved with has a marketing plan that consists of you talking to everyone you know to build your business then do not get involved. If however you are working with a company that has an effective marketing plan then your chances of success increase dramatically. Multi Level Marketing is a business like any other. No Plan = No Success.

People start businesses all the time and people fail at it all the time. That’s business, not specifically the Multi Level Marketing business. I have had several such failures in my business career. The thing that seperates the successful business person from the wanna-be is that the person who ultimately succeeds does not quit. These people also align themselves with other people who have had success in their chosen industry. I am not talking about rah-rah hype meetings. I am talking about mentorship programs.

 The people who fail also have something in common. They are always blaming others or the system for their failure and taking none of the responsibility themselves. Their mantra is ” It was Multi Level Marketing that did not work “, not them. If there is one thing I have learned, it is to look for the common denominator. My common denominator is this. Everytime I have failed the only person that has always been involved in the transaction is me!

You can be successful with Multi Level Marketing but to do so you must have the right leadership and they must have a business and marketing program that you can follow that has nothing to do with how many people you know and how much they like you. Once you have found this opportunity, then it just takes a little hard work and commitment and you will have success. How much success you have is a direct reflection of how much work you are willing to do and how much you are willing to put into your business, money I mean. If you are not willing to spend money and time to make your business grow then do not waste either. If you are willing to do these things then Multi Level Marketing is as valid a way to start a business as any. In fact there are many upsides to this type of business with regards to overhead that make it very attractive for someone that does not have a ton of money to get started.

Oh Yeah, the penquins. I just liked the picture! no, really, penquins are very social creatures and so are people. The penquins represent your target market. It is your job to go out and find them. Even better is aligning yourself with a company that has already done this for you. Do your homework and find this company and you will have success. Happy Hunting!

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Take Care,

The Curtis Group Team | Multi Level Marketing

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