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The annual MOT test of automobile safety, road-worthiness and exhaust fumes is an expense that we have to account for when a car is purchased.

The MOT test data is held digitally on a central database as well as on a paper certificate. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure their car’s certificate is valid, and not for the authorities to chase.

Once your car is three years old, you need to book it in for an MOT test. One important thing to remember to save money on an MOT is that timing is crucial.

If possible, take your vehicle MOT a month early. If your car passes then the MOT certificate is valid for 13 months. If your car fails, it means you have an extra month to obtain maintenance quotes rather than having to rush to a service centre last minute. Always look for a garage which offers free re-tests.

Within the industry, most MOT test centres are well regulated by the authorities, but some rogue tradesmen will attempt to carry out repair work which may not be required. To eliminate this, you could book into an MOT centre which does not carry out repairs. If this is not possible then always go to a garage which has a good reputation.

Before taking your car to take the MOT, make sure the engine is fully warmed up. Before you park the car rev the engine hard as this will clear out gases from the engine that could cause the car to fail the test. If you are worried about the emissions of your car, a trick is to add a bottle of injector cleaner to the fuel and couple of days before the MOT test. The injector will not only reduce emissions but it will also prevent fuel starvation.

Clean the car inside and out, and leave an MOT checklist on the passenger seat. If you have time, wait while your car takes the test. It is advisable to use a couple of technical phrases when speaking to the person about to check the car. This will demonstrate some vehicle knowledge and could help prevent you from being taken for a ride.

Rogue mechanics will often see women as easy targets; so many female drivers often ask a male to drive their car into the MOT Coventry centre. If your car does fail on something you do not understand, always ask the engineer to show you why the part needs to be replaced. Do not walk away until you fully understand the problem before leaving the test centre. Avoid paying for the repair on the spot as you can save money by shopping around for alternative quotes.

Another option to save money is to carry out any work that needs doing yourself. This could save you between £30 – £120 an hour. Alternatively, you could ask for separate quotes for the labour and the parts. This will allow you to shop around for parts, and could save you a small fortune on repairs.

Matt Robbins – Online Manager of Halfords Autocentre (previously Nationwide Autocentre) have more ATA trained mechanics than any other independent garage group being the UK’s leading provider of MOT, car servicing and repairs across the nation.

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