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The fact that the Internet is growing by leaps and bounds has lead to a constant influx of new methods designed to help marketers get more traffic and, as a result, more sales. But even today, some of the old, tried and tested promotional methods like solo advertising in ezines work. Solo ads work great because they are not only effective but also they work fast. Generating results through search engine traffic takes a lot of time, effort, and energy. That is why ezine advertising is such an excellent choice – especially if you are just getting started. This article discusses three tips that can help you make your ezine marketing efforts even more effective.

When you’re writing your solo ad, work on using language that is simple, but still packs a punch. Write your ad the same way you talk, without any jargon at all. Make sure that whoever reads your ad immediately knows what your offer is all about. Just be yourself and don’t try to complicate anything. Use short paragraphs and sentences, so that the subscribers receiving your ad don’t get confused when they have the first look. Be sure your ad is written in easy to understand English. It is vital that you are as clear as possible with your solo ad. Remember that the subscribers seeing your ad may not read it all, so you should try and use bullet points to keep your ad’s copy easy to scan. Don’t create a huge block of text that is difficult to read, but use as many bullet points as you can. Be sure the ad highlights the many benefits your product offers. The ultimate goal, after all, is to increase your rate of conversion so you can enjoy a higher return on your investment.

Your solo ad should always be checked against spam filters to test whether it will be blocked or not. Avoid using any words that could trigger a spam filter, such as ‘free’, ‘money’, ‘wealth’, or ‘get rich’, etc. Your ad copy needs to be carefully worded so it doesn’t trigger a spam filter and get your ad blocked.

Don’t sabotage your own efforts with these things, or you’ll see your ad land squarely in your audience’s junk folder and deleted. In summary, from the above article we can clearly come to understand why ezine advertising can work out for you and help you get the best return on your investment. While they may seem a little overly simple, the impact they have will speak for itself. Marketers new to traffic generation and seasoned marketers alike can benefit from solo ezine advertising.

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