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Internet Marketing..the Future – The Mobile Website

Why would you possibly need a mobile website? With worldwide mobile phone consumerism showing no sign of waning now more than ever before mobile phones and smartphone ownership is growing exponentially day by day. Just owning a website alone these days is not enough to take advantage of new trends, emerging markets and changing technology. For your business to really be SEEN and to take advantage of the increased traffic potential you also need a fully functioning, purpose driven mobile website for your business.

Anyone can create a mobile website themselves with basic knowledge but to create a mobile website that stands out and creates business and sales for you, then you truly need a professional. At Gold Coast Internet Marketing we put our extensive online marketing experience to work for you to create you a purpose driven mobile sales machine!

Mobile Website Design

Gold Coast Internet Marketing can design and create your perfect mobile website utilising state of the art design techniques, mobile marketing, online advertising, mobile social network marketing, QR Codes and SMS marketing. With the universal undeniable trend towards the Apple iPhone, Smartphones, Windows and Android platforms overwhelming the market you need a mobile website that catches the consumer’s attention immediately, utilises your unique selling proposition and solves any issues relating to mobile eCommerce.

Gold Coast Internet Marketing can do that for you and more. So contact us and call 07 55 80 41 80 to set up your MOBILE business website and get your own mobile website domain – You won’t be disappointed.

Mobile Websites for Local Businesses on the Gold Coast

Have you been noticing the trend towards mobile devices and applications? Are you interested in using these methods to grow and expand your business?

Compared to even ten years ago, mobile devices are in use more than ever. Mobile devices outnumber desktop computers in some areas up to four to one- with some users having multiple mobile devices.

What does this mean for local business? It can mean two things- that there are more people than ever before looking for businesses just like yours- while they’re on the bus, in their carpool, on their lunch break at work or simply taking a walk. This can mean a whole new level of reaching your customers- direct, and on the go.

The second thing this can mean, is that if you have an older-style, html based website, or even a fully functional blog- if it’s not optimised for MOBILE DEVICES that targeted business can fly right out the window- to someone else.

If you have a smartphone, or know someone who does, type in your website- does it appear slick, and formatted to the size of the screen, or is it trying to cram the entire website, squished and hard to read- into a four inch screen?

If your website is difficult to read on a mobile device such as an Android, iPhone or tablet, then chances are, customers won’t be able to find the information they’re looking for- which can be as simple as your phone number- and they will go to someone who does.

If you own a local business, you MUST have a mobile website for your customers. Imagine, someone is in his/her house, and a pipe bursts. Rather than go to the computer, they take out their mobile phone, and search for “plumber”- up comes your website, your new mobile website, and they see all your information clearly, with three easy pages- one with your location, one with your hours, and one with your tap-to-contact phone button. Within moments, they are directly connected to you, and- viola! Your phone rings.

If you own your own website, selling multiple services and products, why not consider also your own mobile application? Imagine you own a restaurant, why not have your catering options as an app, and have customers build a custom wedding feast right from the comfort of their own couch! One touch, and that order is sent off to you with the occasion, menu, confirmation of number of guests, and the contract is set between you and the customer.

Mobile devices have made it easier than ever for local businesses to take advantage of just how many hungry customers there are looking for services they provide- you just have to know how to cash in on the numbers.

The trained experts at Gold Coast Internet Marketing can help you set up your own mobile website or application today- simply call 0755335613 for a personalised consultation on your business strategies.

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