Learn The Best Ways to Keep Your High Rankings After Getting to the Front Page

You’re finally ranking on the first page after all your hard work on your websites SEO-wonderful! Now what? No, you can’t forget about your website and go take a vacation in the Bahamas; you still have to put in the effort to maintain your ranking in the search engines. In the following article, knowledge is given on what can be done to maintain your rank in Google and other search engines.

Link Building Balance: Your main objective should be to make a good, long term impression on Google and the other search engines so that your ranking becomes stable. An incredibly effective method for this is called “balanced” link building. In other words, you need to work on adding high quality backlinks to your website on a long time but consistent basis. An unsteady link building campaign is a major warning to the powers that be at Google: you can’t get away with just adding hundreds of links in a week and then nothing else for months.

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Reputed websites build links naturally, without really going overboard with it. You have to give the search engines a reason to trust you, and show them that your website really matters. Indulging in blackhat SEO methods will only hurt you later on in terms of your website’s rank. Do not make use of those software programs that do nothing but spam the search engines. You can make your website look better if you stick to the valuable and proven methods of balanced link building. Don’t cheat your way to the top; prove to all of the search engines that your website has credibility. Track Trends: In the SEO world there are always new and upcoming trends and you need to be able to keep up with them if you want to make sure that your rank doesn’t change. It is important to be aware of the changes and trends as they occur so that you can better use them to your advantage. Not every SEO marketer can keep up to date on everything and your ability to do so will help you stay ahead of everyone else.

Understand Your Success: As time goes on, things change–they won’t stay the same as they were the day you first optimized your site. This is why it’s important that you analyze your success as you move ahead; look into your older analytics data and try to understand how the changes/updates have affected your rankings. Because so many others ignore this, you should be able to get all sorts of great data that can help you make sure that your rank stays the same. You may notice that some strategies work the same way as they used to long back, and some of them are no longer effective. You can do quite a lot to help yourself by making sure that you focus on the things that actually work.

In summary, maintaining a good page rank doesn’t involve all that much thought–it does, however, require diligence to keep track of your site and make changes accordingly because if you don’t your site will lose it’s good ranking and you don’t want that, do you?

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