Learn How To Beat The Initials Inc Scam

It all started in 2005 with two sisters having a vision and a growing family. Hesitant to sacrifice time away from the family along with a paycheck, Britney Vickery and Ivy Hall formally started a Direct Selling enterprise known as Initials Inc during the early part of 2005. The company is based in Georgia and is a premier personalized handbag and accessories company inside the Direct Selling Industry and is also growing very quickly.

To begin with in Initials Inc, there is a one time fee of $100 (the regular price is $139.00). Together with your starter kit, you will receive 11 products,  order forms, postcard invitations, and a free website to your first 3 months. The primary method to sell these products is through home parties. Typically, a consultant earns about $35 per hour through party sales. Or, a consultant can expose their personal site with family and friends and individuals can order products from there also.

The possibility earnings of the company are huge. The fact that you can get paid to host parties along with your friends is a very neat idea. But a couple unexpected things happen. First, if you have children at home, it may be hard sometimes to get out of your house and host an event.

Second, there might come a time that you may use up all your parties to host. Maybe you are at the point that most of your friends have experienced parties and they want a break from having them. This is obviously, understandable, but exactly what does this do to your business and earnings? Both may drop. To avert this from occuring is to go on the net and begin to market your company. This is a great way to find new reps for your business, but depending on your marketing strategy, you may not produce results.

Wanting to market online has caused me to not only waste lots of my time, but also a lot of money. After I had many failed attempts of generating new leads on the net, I decided to get trained by people who were already successful in generating new leads for his or her business and just copy whatever they were doing. I’d rather learn from someone that is producing the results that I wanted, then to invest the time to figure it out myself.

After reading this <a href=”http://kimtarr.com/2011/mlm-companies/initials-inc”> Initials Inc Review </a> editorial, you will hunger to start your education and learn marketing skills that will bring you reps to thrive your business and be the captain you hope to be, Get access to our completely free resource handbook, click here: <a href=”http://kimtarr.com/2011/mlm-companies/initials-inc”> Initials Inc </a>.

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