Las Vegas – The Tradeshow Capital of the World!

People go to Las Vegas, NV for a lot of different reasons. Gambling, bachelor and bachelorette parties, great shows, world-class dining and weddings-that-never-should-have-happened are probably the reasons you’re most familiar with. But did you know that Las Vegas hosts more industry tradeshows than anywhere else in the country?

And here at TheSignChef, we’re familiar with all things tradeshow-related. Not only have we been creating custom tradeshow banners for 25 years, but we’ve even attended a few ourselves! And most of the tradeshow banners we’ve designed have ended up in good ol’ Las Vegas!

So why is Las Vegas such a popular location for tradeshows?

We think businesses and employees are more likely to attend an industry tradeshow if it’s somewhere fun like Vegas! In fact, I’m currently trying to persuade the boss to let me attend a sign industry tradeshow there – and you better believe I wouldn’t be as gung-ho if it took place in Cleveland, OH! But it also has to do with the sheer amount of hotels (and therefore conference rooms and venues), lots of flight options and a desirable climate all year round.

If you’re headed to Las Vegas, NV for a tradeshow…

Let us help you! We have a comprehensive range of custom tradeshow banners and display options that will take your presentation to the next level. And you don’t need all the bright lights on the strip to make you stand out in a crowd! Our tradeshow banners are all completely customizable and easy to display. We offer five options for displaying your tradeshow banner or sign, each of which is portable, easy to set up and professional in appearance.


We will ship your tradeshow banner directly to Las Vegas, NV. In fact, we’ll send it right to your hotel…and we’ll do it for free. That’s right – no matter how big or heavy your tradeshow banner is, we’ll take care of the shipping cost. You just concentrate on designing an eye-catching presentation!

And speaking of designing…

If the thought of personally designing a tradeshow banner that draws attention and look professional is just too intimidating, we can help with that, too! Our free program, LiveDesign, enables you to have a one-on-one online consultation with one of our expert graphic designers. Our designer will design your custom tradeshow banner from scratch while you provide real-time feedback. So you’re guaranteed to have a great looking display at your Las Vegas tradeshow!

So call us whether you need a vinyl banner for a tradeshow in Las Vegas, Cleveland, Boston, Orlando, Beijing or anywhere else!

We’re more than happy to help you with anything you need. We’re available by email, live online chat or phone from 9am to 9pm seven days a week. Yup, I said seven days a week!

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