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Any recognition expresses appreciation and motivates future behavior.

We are offering a wide range of products. You may want a simple acknowledgement for participants on a team or an achievement award for members of a special project, we can help you develop a plan to celebrate all the good things that make your company great.
Who are we?
Infinity Trophy is specialized in the production, assembly and supply of exclusive trophies and related products.
The production of the components for these assembled trophies takes place in several countries.
The assembly of these components are executed by a production team, which works for our company in Romania, Cluj-Napoca.
We supply world wide, exclusively to trade customers. The complete assortment is exhibited in our showroom in Cluj-Napoca and Bucuresti.(Romania).
We now proudly present a unified company. Our customers can type in to reach our new , progressive, user friendly Website featuring quality recognition awards for any and every occasions.

We know how important it is for the way your company ,organization or event is represented by our products. With this in mind, we guarantee your purchase to
be made and delivered acording to your expectations.

Our company informs clients and parteners constantly about the new products, and also about the promotional programs which Infinity Trophy offers.
We want to see our clients satisfied and that is why we offer you quality products with a special design.

Your benefits:
*you have a single reliable and strong supplier for all your parts;
*you know for sure all your orders will be delivered quickly;
*you will be guaranteed low prices;
*you will be able to put together your own unique and exclusive collection;
*you can rely on a service-orientated and problem-solving organization;

Anyone who has done something special is a winner.
And at Infinity Trophy we think it is only right that their efforts should be recognized with an award. That is why we offer a unique extensive selection of products and components.
Our creative designs, excellent products, competitive prices are guaranteed. However, our signature in the industry is our dedication to our customers.

Thank you for choosing Infinity Trophy!


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