How To Sell Android Mobile Phones When iPhones Are Not Available (Part 1)

Many instances there are shortages of handsets in the mobile phone industry. One of the details are that Apple iPhone is a prime promoting handset, and evidently typically there are usually not enough of the handsets in manufacturing, or being distributed to fulfill the demands. However there is a resolution to protecting your gross sales high: Sell Android phones.

The Android telephone is very competitive with the iPhone and is in some ways superior. If you happen to’re able to get past the iPhone hype, and have a great conversation together with your customer it’s best to be capable to speak with them about the benefits of the Android telephones with more influence. Listed here are a few of my greatest suggestions that can assist you sell more Android phones when the iPhone isn’t in inventory:

1. Play down the iPhone. In all seriousness, in case you’ve obtained a lot expertise with phones and their working systems you may realise the ability of Android is greater than iPhone in many ways. Now, this isn’t to say that iPhones haven’t got their sturdy points, but for many users (and you could qualify your prospects first), the way they use their cellphone would be the deciding factor. Android can do absolutely anything the Apple software can do, and often with extra flexibility and functionality. Make certain your buyer knows that the iPhone isn’t the end all and be all of mobile phone technology.

2. Find out what the shopper needs. That is obviously one of the simplest ways to guard your customer and get them precisely what they want. In case you do not do this already then it is best to begin now! Get to know what your customer will probably be doing with their handset, and find the most important motivator behind the decision to buy a brand new phone. Apple has nice promoting, and in my experience I’ve discovered that many iPhone users love the simplicity and the picture that comes with owning an Apple product. There are a lot of die exhausting fans on the market, and a few can be hard to sway but these aren’t the customers you’ll promote most Android telephones to. Discover the purchasers who haven’t made up their minds but, and blow them away with an excellent Android presentation. Certainly one of my most profitable questions to ask in any qualification process is: “What’s a very powerful thing to you about…?” This query brings out the motivations your buyer is experiencing and will provide you with some great stuff to work with when directing the customer to your recommendation. (see beneath)

3. Show them. Put the phone within the clients hand and talk them by means of among the fundamental features of the handset. This can give them some hands on experience and you’ll find that they’ll become extra acquainted very quickly. The Android system may be very appealing to new users and is kind of intuitive. The choices are there in order for you them, but it’s pretty much level and click when you’re an entry level sensible telephone user. This is very appealing to new customers who haven’t determined yet.



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