How To Encourage Traffic To Your Website For No Cost

I have had the pleasure recently of meeting an extremely talented person by the name of David Wood. He uses a very unique way to build traffic and distributors into his mlm company (article marketing secrets) and I am convinced that there is a specific art form to successful MLM recruiting. Like me David first attempted building an mlm without using the internet. I would like to clear something up first, mlm building offline does work regardless of the folks who say it does not work.

Before he turned to the internet he had watched his residual income decrease to nothing over the period of 18 months. David started internet marketing from an extremely small budget (just a couple hundred bucks), at this point he was literally eating rice from cans and wondering where the next meal was coming from All this was just five months ago and since then he has earned over 100,000 dollars and receives over ninety leads a day into his sales funnel and has moved from chilly Alaska to a sublime beach fronted home with his beautiful wife Ashley. That really is an amazing achievement Plus he has not spent a penny on advertising. ‘How is that possible?’ you ask.

In order to generate hugh volumes of traffic David makes use of article marketing secrets and content creation and it stands to reason that massive traffic equals massive results. Are you aware that you can rank on Google page one for some very competitive keywords by using these methods?. I have watched David’s site rise to an Alexa ranking of 28,500 in the last 2 months, a truly incredible achievement for any website let alone one that is only six months old.

The key to a good online article marketing strategy is to write informative, compelling content. Your article should tempt the reader to click on you resource link and you must provide some good value content so that they will learn something new, if you implement this correctly you can get a decent amount of traffic. By doing this you are increasing the number of links back to your webpage’s which is going to increase you rankings in the search engines. For maximum results you might want to consider making this a daily strategy. Once you have your article post it to some of the popular directories so that your content gets seen, it is also worthwhile shooting a video to advertise your article so that you increase exposure. Not many people know about another strategy that you can implement to further increase your exposure ten fold. You can find more information about this in the article box at the bottom.

Marketing with articles and content is a low cost method that really works for those on a budget, just remember that this strategy is not totally without cost! For sure you will need to invest your time into this strategy but the results will warrant the effort, just check out the results of David Wood. Make sure my friend that your content is unique and is YOURS and not ripped off from someone else. By being unique and putting your own personality into things you will attract the right people to you and over time they will become your prospects and hopefully business associates. You will have a far more profitable business that way. As a final note David Wood got these brilliant results for not just 1 website but 2! Truly fantastic

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