How to Display Vertical Banners

Vertical banners can be displayed with the typical methods used for horizontal banners, but you have many more options for vertical banners. Namely, you can display vertical banners with banner stands. Banner stands are freestanding displays that look more upscale and professional then a plain old rope and grommets tie up. Here, you’ll discover the main types of banner stands and how to choose the best one for your banner.

There are FOUR main types of banner stands:

1.      Simple

2.      Flexi

3.      Pole

4.      Retractable

Here’s what each of them are:

Simple banner stands are the kind you often see displaying vertical banners in malls, department stores, cafes and museums. They are chrome or black and look like a large picture frame on top of legs OR an A-frame. Simple banner stands are the easiest to install. Simply slide in your graphic and you’re done!  

  • For smaller banners only
  • For indoor use
  • Ideal for promoting sales, daily specials and exhibits
  • We offer the Classic Banner Stand and the EZ Change A-Frame Stand

Flexi banner stands are flexible in the sense that you can use one panel to display your vertical banners or you can connect multiple panels to display a large-scale horizontal banner. They offer single and double sided options and are set up by connecting the aluminum pieces. Flexi stands fold up so even large banners are portable!


  • For larger vertical banners and multiple-paneled horizontal banners (great if you change banners a lot and want options!)
  • For indoor use or temporary outdoor use. Commonly seen at tradeshows and conventions, travel agencies and airports (great for large scenic banners, and playhouses (connected banners make great backdrops)
  • Ideal for very visual banners, travel advertisements and announcing new construction
  • We offer the Flexi Banner Stand and Triple Banner Booth Display

Pole banner stands are freestanding banner stands that are easily connected with a set of poles. Banners are fitted with grommets and clipped to the stand, slid into plastic rails, or attached with special tape. They all come apart for easy transport.


  • For vertical banners and large-scale banners. Great if you want to change banners often
  • For indoor or outdoor use, depending on which you choose. A versatile option that is great for retail shops, tradeshows, outdoor events and more
  • Ideal for just about any use. Large-scale pole stands are often used for tradeshows and corporate interiors
  • We offer the Wind Wise Outdoor Banner Stand, MultiMaster Stand, Sleek Exhibitor, Aries Bamboo Banner Display and Curved Cantilever Display

Retractable banner stands are assembled so that your banner is rolled up in the base. To set one up you simply pull the banner up out of the base and secure it to the back pole. These banner stands are super portable and easy for one person to set up.


  • Most retractable banner stands are for tall vertical banners, but we do offer one for short banners
  • For indoor or temporary outdoor use. Extremely versatile and often used at tradeshows, in spas, retail shops and corporate interiors. Tabletop display available
  • Ideal for just about any use. Promote sales, exhibits, new products and more
  • We offer the Mini Bamboo Retractor, Bamboo Retractor, Horizontal Tabletop Retractor and Economy Retractors

But how do I choose which type of banner stand to use?

You should determine which type of banner stand to choose based on three things:

  1. The size of your banner
  2. Where you are displaying your banner
  3. What the message of your banner is


Consider all of these things when you order banner stands.

And there you have it! Ideally, you now know what banner stands may be best for your needs. If you have any questions, you can contact us anytime from 9am to 9pm seven days a week!

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