How to Design Your Banner Online

You want a banner that looks just the way you imagine. It needs to be professional, high quality and eye-catching. How will you accomplish that? Easy! Design your banner online!

At TheSignChef, we offer three custom ways you can design your banner online:

  1. Design your banner online with LiveDesign
  2. Design your banner online with SignMagic
  3. Design your banner online with DesignExpress

Each of these online banner design options is available at It’s absolutely free to use any one of these tools to create your banner online.

LiveDesign lets you create your banner online with one of our in-house graphic designers. First, you make an appointment with a designer. When you launch the program at the time of your appointment, you are automatically connected with either Matthew or Nicole, our expert graphic designers.

They will begin designing your banner from scratch and as they do, you will see what they’re doing on your screen. You can even give them real-time feedback so you’re sure to get the design you want! 

SignMagic is a program that you use by yourself to design your banner online. Simply launch the program and begin designing. The intuitive program lets you choose the background color, fonts, letter colors, graphics and more for your banner.

Use your imagination to create your design! It’s super easy to use and when you’re done, simply follow the instructions to upload your design to us and we’ll begin creating it!  

DesignExpress is the fastest, simplest way to create your banner online. If you already have your entire banner completely designed, just upload and we’ll get to work building it.

Or if you have part of your banner designed, you’ll begin by uploading that (let’s say it’s your business logo). Then, simply select a few options and type in any specific instructions you have (such as the text you want, white text on blue background and text at bottom) and we’ll design your banner based on those specifications. Once we’ve come up with a great design, we’ll email you the proof. If it’s not quite what you imagined, we’ll redo it until it is!



All of these tools were developed in-house by our very own computer geek! And, we will always send you a proof of your banner before we begin building it. We’ll never build a banner you’re not 100% happy with.

And remember, when your design your banner online, we’ll ship it directly to your front door absolutely free – no matter how big or heavy it is. Oh, and we’ll wave your sales tax, too. How about them apples?

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