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The best way to turn an email list into lasting profits is to create a positive relationship with your audience. The absolute only way to enjoy the fruits of an email list is having built it into a list that is warm to promotional offers. Naturally, the only way to arrive at that profitable point is to start getting subscribers. Unfortunately it is not as simple as throwing an optin box on your site. A squeeze page is what marketers have been using for years to build up their various email lists.

First of all, to maximize the conversion rates of your squeeze page, you need to get your visitors to trust you. You can do this by including pertinent testimonials on your page, which will allow visitors to see what other people think of you. This has been known to be an effective approach to increasing conversion rates because your audience can see actual feedback from your other subscribers. This way visitors will hear about the benefits they will derive from joining your list from a third-party. Considering that testimonials are being used all over the place online, for everything from promoting products to persuading people to subscribe, which is why you should also be taking advantage of them to boost the number of subscribers you have.

Also, you need to ensure that your squeeze page looks professional in every sense of the word. You can’t have a squeeze page without anything nice on it and a design that is poor. If you have the option, ask a professional designer to design your squeeze page. The presentation of your site is the first element that will impact the impression your visitors have of your site. However, it isn’t necessary to spend inordinate amounts of money and time on designing your squeeze page. All that is required is for you to ensure that the page both looks and feels professional. Why hurt your chances with a badly designed squeeze page considering that every person landing on it is a potential subscriber and customer?

Outline your very best benefits on your squeeze page using benefit bullets. You can truly work wonders for your conversions by using powerful and effective bullet points. It is more than possible to add more value to your squeeze page, and make the most out of your efforts. The traffic that you drive to your squeeze page has to convert. In addition to that, how you drive traffic to your page also makes a difference. You can have the best squeeze page, but the quality of your traffic will also make a big difference. Some sources are known for being highly untargeted such as CPV, or cost per view, traffic. There are many things that will affect your conversions, and so you just keep learning and testing.

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