How Much Does It Cost To Live In The Philippines

What is The Cost of Living In The Philippines?

You can live much cheaper in the Philippines than in the USA and most other Western countries.  I have been living in the Philippines since February of 2008.

My number one reason to move to the Philippines was for the cheaper cost of living.  It was only one of my reasons.  My three main reasons are:

  • The Cost Of Living In The Philippines is Less
  • I Wanted An Adventure and Living In The Philippines Provided That
  • Loving And Pretty Women That Live In The Philippines

Cost Of Living In The Philippines

I am often asked “How much money do I need to live in the Philippines? That answer depends on you but your money can easily go further living in the Philippines than your birthplace .  I’ve known expats that live here with $700 a month and be happy.  I known other expats living in the Philippines and no sum of money would be as much as necessary.   I think though $1000 a month is enough for most.

This is why so many people move to the Philippines once they retire.   With their income now limited, they see a sad outlook for themselves in the USA.  I know I did.  If you’d like to read more about my cost living in the Philippines or my life as an expat please visit Living In The Philippines — The Cebu Experience.

Making an Adventure Out of Living In The Philippines

I was recently divorced, 49 years old and living on a disability income.  It was kind of a low point in my life, to say the least.  Being the survivor I am, I turned that low point into a chance too make a change and spice up my life.  So I plunged in.  I took a opportunity and now I’m having the moment of my life!

If you are thinking of living in the Philippines but need more information, I wrote an eBook that you might be interested in.  It is called The Basic Expat Training Manual — The Philippines Experience.  There is a link near the end of this article.

Loving and Beautiful Filipina

Filipina are not as apprehensive about you being elder as women in most Western countries are.  The don’t care much about looks. They customarily wish for two things.  They want a guy that will treat them with respect and offer them an improved standard of living.  Most are happy with very modest provisions.  You don’t need to be rich.

Most Filipino earn less than $200 a month.  Most live without running water and very few have air conditioning.  We call it aircon here. For many Filipina, how she’s going to have enough to eat for the next week is a major priority for them.

Treat her well and give her a decent standard of living and she will cherish you.  Of course, there are exceptions.  Of course there are crazy, manipulative Filipina that will take every dime you give them and provide you with nothing but broken promises. Overall, Filipina are awesome! My eBook, Basic Expat Training Manual — The Philippines Experience will help a great deal with that avoiding those problems.

So, if you are desiring an adventure, I highly recommend that you consider living in the Philippines.

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