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Choosing a baptistry for your church is different than choosing church chairs or a pulpit. When choosing a baptistry, you will have to consider the size of the platform and any doors that you will have to go through with the baptistry. A small platform, if that is where the baptistry will be, will need a smaller baptistry. If you have small doors, that does not mean that you need a small baptistry. You will need a baptistry that comes in a split version. A split baptistry comes in two pieces and when you get the two pieces in the area that you will be installing the baptistry you connect the two pieces together.


There are other factors to consider also. If you plan to leave water in the baptistry, you will need a coat of sealant put in the baptistry by the manufacturer. A good baptistry heater will be essential but not always thought of when ordering a baptistry. Some churches need a portable baptistry to move from one area to another. There are baptistries that come with this feature or you can add your own casters to it.


It is always good to get a professional plumber to install the baptistry. There will need to be a water line coming into the baptistry. There will also need to be a way to drain the baptistry when you are done.


Another option to consider is if the minister wants to stand on the outside of the baptistry or be in the tank with the person being baptized. I have done it both ways and I prefer to use the dry method where the minister stands on the outside of the baptistry.


Some baptistries come with a window on one side so that the congregation can have a better view of the baptism. There is an option to have a seat in the baptistry; I would strongly suggest this. The person being baptized would sit on the seat and when they are baptized they would be leaned back and brought back up.

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