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In this busy world every person wants to be self dependent personally as well as professionally. As a result we may see people browsing various job sites or searching classified newspaper to get the job as per their experience and requirement. Though, sometimes all these efforts become futile due to the irrelevant CV that does not present the vibrant qualities of yourself.

Few friends of mine have faced rejections in their job interviews due the fact that their CV failed to represent their qualities amicably. As your CV could be the reliable source for you to have a good hiring in top companies with your respectable studying or working experience.

Therefore, if you really want to enhance your job perspective then it becomes important that you write an eye catchy resume. Generally, CV is described as term “Curriculum Vitae” or “résumé” which include all your personal and professional details comprising your course of life.

These days CV has become the important tool of the job search engine that may produce incredible responses. So, it is really important you write a CV which may fetch you innumerable job opportunities. For many people writing a CV is a frightening task. They become so confused that they mix together all the required information. As a result the CV turns out an uncertain as well as disheartening activity.

Therefore, in case you genuinely wish to prepare an outstanding CV then you certainly are required to follow the under mentioned points:

1.    The first and foremost word of advice is always utilizing basic and straightforward language when writing a CV. Don’t use length paragraphs or phrases.
2.       Ensure to offer the precise facts depending on the required Curriculum vitae scenario together with positive inclusion of words such as started, monitored, challenges confronted, and made, etc.
3.    Make Sure to finish one application in a single page and don’t carry forward to another as it can result in the recruiter out-of-focus from your Curriculum vitae.
4.    The details offered in the CV should be perfectly related as well as formatted as per the rules.

Currently we see the CV’s are increasingly being written in numerous formats to enhance its demonstration and precense to the several job research engines. But, the conventional form of Curriculum vitae that is widely used by job seekers is as follows:

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Numbers: (home and mobile)
DOB: (optional)

Personalized record

It offers your personal criteria in conclusion form featuring your desired goals, achievements, as well as talents. It is the essential section of the Curriculum vitae that should be written remarkably to catch reader’s consideration.


This section consists of the precise information and facts related to your educational certification from your school to university or college degree.

It stands out as the section of the Resume that includes your working company information right from the first level to the present job. A very important factor you need to keep into mind while writing employment segment is start enlisting your latest or current job first after which carry it forward to last or first job.

Skills as well as Experience

This particular section of the Cv consists of all the added diploma or experiences you have ranging from specialized programs, relationship with clubs, specialized establishments or companies. 

Hobbies and interests

After that come is the section that exhibits your curricular activity side and represents your hobbies and interests for example dancing, painting, gaming, traveling, socializing, etc.


This section mainly the individuals to whom you may refer to for your proof with regards to your personality and carrying out work case. These may include any earlier employers and may be family member or good friend.

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