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How Google Places and Maps Can Grow Your Business

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Do YOU own a business that services local clients in a specific region? Maybe you own a franchise, part of a larger chain and you’re interested in getting your location more business. Whatever the reason, if you own a local business, you MUST be on Google Places.

When people search these days for services, such as plumbers, electricians, beauty salons or restaurants, they will almost always type in their postcode or the phrase “near me”. Some Internet searches are performed directly from Google or Yahoo Maps. If you business hasn’t claimed its Google listing, you could be missing out on massive amounts of user traffic.

Google has many simple, cost-effective ways of promoting your business, places being just one. With places you can list your address, phone number, and other details to allow your clients to be informed about you, and contact you, all within a matter of moments.

Potential customers don’t reach for the Yellow Pages anymore- they pull out their mobile phone or tablet device, and location-based searches are topping the charts for Internet traffic.

Don’t miss out on the hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in revenues that YOUR BUSINESS should be earning- not your competitors!

Even if you have a Google Places listing, you could be leaving out VITAL elements that could be converting the “lookers” into “buyers”!

So how do you know just what to include, or leave out, of your listing? After all, this is the first impression clients will have of you, possibly before they even leave their house- and you want them to get in the car and come over to YOUR business!

The simplest answer? You don’t do it yourself! Hire a team of trained experts who know what converts, and what doesn’t, when it comes to online business. The team at Gold Coast Internet Marketing is here to help you with every facet of you local business promotion- including getting you listed in Maps and Places.

You KNOW the customers are out there, and spending! Bring them to your door by putting your name in front of them. Capitalize on the knowledge that others have and concentrate on customer service.

Contact Gold Coast Internet Marketing today to organise a free consultation. Call us on +61 07 55 80 41 80 to learn of the range of products and services we have to offer you. What could be better than sitting back, relaxing and letting the sales roll in? Trade in your worries for carefree Sundays on the beach, spending quality time with your friends or family.

Don’t let another day go by without having YOUR Google Places Listing.

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