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Gold Coast SEO is raising the bar for search engine optimisation. Please read on and see how your business can benefit from talking to the SEO specialists at Gold Coast SEO.

I’m sure you’ve all heard a lot of talk about websites and web design. In fact anyone who has ever logged onto the internet at one time or another would know what a website looks like.

But how did you find that website?

For the exercise let’s assume that you know very little or nothing about the internet apart from what you have heard and let’s face it every family has their own “resident expert” don’t they? Would you believe there are literally trillions of websites linked to the World Wide Web, so how do you find exactly what you want? Two simple words: Search Engines!

Every computer these days uses a Browser. Browsers are many and varied but the most commonly used ones are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. A browser is your connection to the internet and is there to help you so they are designed to be very user friendly.

So when you open your browser on your computer you’ll find that most browsers have a Search Engine attached to them to help you navigate to the pages you are looking for.  The internet has a plethora of search engines but for this example let’s use the three most commonly known and used search engines Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Google Yahoo and Bing are the most commonly used Search Engines


So you go to the search bar on your Google, Yahoo or Bing search engine and let’s assume in this instance that you are looking to research a new car so you could type the words new car into the search engine and it will display a series of results. To fine tune your search you might include the brand or model of car you are looking for so you type new Toyota or new Toyota Corolla into the search engine. You can go further by including the area in which you live or work to fine tune the search results even further so you type new Toyota Corolla Gold Coast or similar into the search engine. Each time you enter something new into the search engine a new series or string of results will appear on your screen that relate to your specific search very much like using a phone book.

At Gold Coast SEO much in the same way we try to simplify the process of search engine optimisation. If you have a business and you are looking to sell goods and services these days you will need a website to maximise your profit potential. With everyone’s lifestyle getting busier than ever before most people these days simply don’t have the time to march the streets looking for a particular product or service so they use the internet much like we used the White Pages and Yellow Pages in the pre-internet days.

Your website more than anything else needs to be seen. Your website needs to drive targeted web traffic to its shop front door and convert those unique visitors into buyers. To do that your website needs to be on the front page of the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing to reap the rewards that the internet has to offer. Trouble is every company that has a business website wants to be on the first page of the search engines as well because status quo tells them that the higher up the pecking order you are on the search engine the more chance you have of selling your products and services. This then creates enormous competition for every keyword or keyword string and that is where we come in. At Gold Coast SEO Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation is what we do. SEO is our specialty.


Gold Coast SEO will design a targeted SEO strategy for your business and your budget designed to increase your traffic and your sales. Gold Coast SEO has access to state of the art tools to do keyword market research that analyses your competition and how each site has been rewarded with the top 10 spots on page 1. Gold Coast SEO can also optimise your website for local search, mobile search and social media along with up to date SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques. Gold Coast SEO will help you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls associated with search engine optimisation by unleashing performance enhancing website marketing strategies that will put your business on steroids!

Gold Coast SEO already has our existing clients on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing and we can put you up there too. Because at Gold Coast SEO we know how to create web pages that are search engine friendly, keyword content based, ethically planned and fully optimised. At Gold Coast SEO our specialised geeks will weave their SEO magic for you and with the swish and flick of their magic wands your website will be transformed into a Perfectly Search Engine Optimised Targeted Traffic Selling Machine for your specific keywords. Don’t believe us? For a limited time only we are offering you a 30 minute free SEO consultation but spots are filling fast. Gold Coast SEO raises the bar for SEO specialist services so don’t let this limited opportunity slip by. Click on the bar below and book you free 30 minute SEO Consultation Now. You’ll be glad you did!


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