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giving away FREE Websites worth,


*conditions apply

…..because we want to help businesses just like yours!


* Just cover the normal hosting, back up, ultra secure install and management for 12 months and the site is yours free of charge!


So, why would Gold Coast Internet Marketing want to help you and give you a free website?


We know that you and your clients will be very impressed with your new or a fresh new look for your website. With its modern design, practical functionality your new website will wow your clients, your competitors and give your business a new lease on life.

We hope this will be the start of a healthy and trust based relationship with you. By building trust then you may tell your friends, so we are simply using the old adage you give to receive, you might say. You may think that we are crazy however we sincerely want to show business owners that Gold Coast Internet Marketing are leaders and not followers.

You see in the game of Internet Marketing it’s all about being first and doing things differently and being original to stand out from the noise. If you have been confused about internet marketing then you don’t have to be anymore.

Here at Gold Coast Internet Marketing our talented geeks thrive on tough challenges and so you don’t have to worry about all the technical stuff because we do all of that for you. That way you can focus on what you’re good at, with the security of knowing that your online presence is in safe hands.

If you want to make more money, then Gold Coast Internet Marketing can help to grow your business for you with proven, time tested and innovative strategies to increase your bottom line.

As you can imagine we are not going to just give FREE WEBSITES to every Tom, Dick and Harry because, these are quality sites that have been professionally formatted, designed and programmed especially for the local business market. Each site will be unique for your business.

The Gold Coast Internet Marketing FREE WEBSITES are strictly only for people who are looking for a web platform that gives them a real edge over their competition. Therefore we only want to do business with the most motivated and focused business owners.

Are You Looking To Grow Your Business?


Gold Coast Internet Marketing Looking for a cost effective and sure-fire ways to increase your sales in this hard financial climate?

Gold Coast Internet Marketing Are you finding it tough to keep your head above water in your business?

Gold Coast Internet Marketing Do you want to join the hundreds of business owners utilising proven, cost effective methods to generate more leads every day?

Gold Coast Internet Marketing Did you know there are at least 10 different avenues available to you right now that will increase your turnover significantly?

Gold Coast Internet Marketing My business partner thought I was crazy when I told him I wanted to put this offer out there to help local businesses.

The Future of Business is Branding and Image

Gold Coast Internet Marketing had a business meeting late last month about the global economy and I suggested that we give all local businesses who need an upgrade or need a site, a completely free websites. “All the customer is required to do is cover the hosting and management fee for 12 months. “

Rick, my partner thought that I was crazy but as I explained more about my idea, he became more intrigued. “You want to give away websites for free?”

At Gold Coast Internet Marketing we believe in the value of a customer for life so really there is little to no risk at all for you or me. We know you will be so happy with our service, that you will stay with us long term. It truly is a win/win for all, which is how we do business here at Gold Coast Internet Marketing.

You see, Gold Coast Internet Marketing are so confident that we can bring you more cash, that we are prepared to risk it all.

As you can imagine it would be a very savvy business decision to take advantage of this great offer! In fact this could well be one of the smartest business decisions you will make.

At Gold Coast Internet Marketing we are THE local business marketing specialists focused on creating new clients and sales for you. There are literally hundreds of online strategies, as well as already proven and effective offline campaigns that will get your phone ringing, making your sales and inquiries go through the roof!

It would be nice to have the problem of MORE INQUIRIES THAN YOU CAN HANDLE? I mean, not being able to keep up with the inquiries, wouldn’t it? This is A COMMON “COMPLAINT” amongst our clients – TOO MUCH BUSINESS!!!

In fact most of our clients have not even felt hardly any hardship with the ‘Global Financial Crisis’. Neither have we at Gold Coast Internet Marketing, which is why I wanted to give back to the local community by offering this deal! Our clients get to use our proven “old and new school” tactics everyday to get that real edge over their competition.

Gold Coast Internet Marketing can implement for you simple, low cost and effective strategies to get people to contact your business. In these tough times YOUR businesses MUST be prepared to take advantage of any leverage available to put some distance between you and your competitors.

This is your leverage staring at you on this page right now. Take it now!

Gold Coast Internet Marketing Is Offering You


A Free Professional Business Website

(Upgrade your old fashion website look with a fresh, professional and practical design made by our incredible in-house design geeks)

Total Value ($1997)

This offer is available to Gold Coast Internet Marketing customers who cover the hosting, backup, ultra secure install and management for 12 months @ $49.95 + gst a month, total cost…..

So act now and call us at Gold Coast Internet Marketing to claim your free Professional Business Website.

Call Gold Coast Internet Marketing

now on 07 55 30 28 85 or 0416 051 588

to claim your free business website.

Gold Coast Internet Marketing

* Conditions: A free website worth $2,000 is available to all customers who sign up for 12 months hosting, management and backup.
Hosting is a necessary part of your websites requirements. IE anyone who has a website online needs hosting.
Just think of it as the block of land you need to build your house. Enjoy your free website.

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