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Creating a custom sign for your business or personal use is a big undertaking. A lot goes into an effective sign that will ultimately increase business.

But the first decision to make is, “Who am I going to get my sign from?”

We’d like you to look over our information and determine if we’re the right company for you to work with. We promise to give you more of everything you want – every step of the way!

Here’s what we promise to give you more of:

Not just more products, but more product options too

We are your ‘one stop sign and print shop’ with 13 specialties under one roof. We offer customized metal signs, wooden signs, acrylic signs, indoor signs, real estate signs, vinyl graphics, magnetic car signs, engraved gifts, lighted signs, banners and so much more. Plus, we offer a complete business image & identity program to support and enhance your brand with a uniform and consistent image across different product categories.

But we also offer these products any way you want them. Everything is fully customizable; we offer dozens of colors, shapes, materials, sizes, finishes, thicknesses, letter styles, graphics and mounting accessories. You’re options are endless.

Not just more customer service, but more convenience too

We’ve built our reputation on a commitment to customer service. After all, happy customers make for a successful business, right? But we also want you to have easy access to that service.

We developed a program in-house that lets you track your custom sign as it’s created. And you’ll never hear a computerized voice trying to answer your questions over the phone. When you call us you’ll speak to a sign specialist every time. Plus, we have an online chat service available 12 hours a day so you’ll be able to speak with someone instantly. We also offer quick response email – we’ll usually get back to you within the hour. And you don’t have to contact us while you’re at work – we’re available between 9am and 9pm 7 days a week.

Not just more thorough, but more meticulous too

You could call us obsessed (or fanatical, or fixated…). But we prefer passionate. We double and triple check that your custom sign is flawless every step of the way. We’ve developed a comprehensive proofing process that ensures that spelling, phrasing, graphics, layout, color shades and more are exacting to your specifications. If something looks off, we’ll let you know. We also double check everything with you before your custom sign goes into production and have someone look everything over right before we ship it. Why get it right the second time when you can get it right the first?

Not just more experience, but more expertise too

We have 25 years of experience in the sign industry. We’ve spent those years designing and building custom signage for a diverse client base, generating cutting-edge sign making methods, creating exclusive customer service tools and learning how to run a successful business. So while we began as a small local sign shop, we’re certainly experts by now.

Not just more promises, but more guarantees too

Any company can promise a lot, but can they offer guarantees? Every one of our customers gets our premium triple guarantee:

ü  We guarantee our workmanship 100%. Our guys are in the workshop right now, pouring over every last detail of every single custom sign. (Don’t worry; we give them a break from time to time.)

ü  We guarantee that your sign will exactly match your precise specifications. And if it’s somehow not perfect, we’ll do it over and over until it is.

ü  We also place a “goof-proof” guarantee on our vinyl graphics and lettering. You’ll be able to apply them yourself – easily. And if something gets messed up, we’ll send you replacement graphics for free; we’ll even cover the shipping.

So, yes, we promise you’ll get more. But we guarantee more as well!

Not just more info, but more insights too

Our website is bursting with information about products and customizing options. But you’ll find a lot more than that. We have an extensive library of articles we personally wrote that let you in on design secrets, custom sign ideas and more. We’ve also created dozens of helpful videos that give you installation tricks, how-to’s for submitting artwork and using our online tools, and more. And if you have any questions at all, we’d be happy to speak with you online or over the phone. Our goal is to share all of our hard-learned insights with you.

Not just more technology, but more tools too

Yes, we offer online chat, informational videos and online ordering. But we’ve also had our resident techno-nerd develop online tools to help you along in the process.

ü  Live Design enables you to have a one-on-one online design consultation with one of our graphic designers. You can see what they’re designing as they do it and give real-time feedback.

ü  Sign Magic gives you the option to design your custom sign yourself online. You can upload graphics, pick colors, choose fonts and more. Then we’ll turn your artwork into a custom sign.

ü  Design Express offers you an easy, streamlined design process. Simply select the text, graphics, fonts, materials and other features, and we’ll build your custom sign to your exact specifications.

Our online resources also include a letter sizing calculator to help you determine how big your text should be, a material selection wizard to help you ensure that you’ve chosen the right material for your project and a QR code generator that instantly creates a graphic that will bring smartphone users directly to your website.

Oh yea, and all of these tools are always free to use.

Not just more pricing, but we’ll give it to you instantly too

When you’re considering spending your money on something, you want the bottom line. We don’t hide our costs or make you pick up the phone to get an accurate quote. Our Online Pricing Plus feature lets you quickly and easily select your sign features and see an accurate quote for your custom sign. If you’d rather speak to someone over the phone, you absolutely can. It’s really that easy.

Not just more ways to display your sign, but more accessories to display it with

Our array of sign materials can be mounted, installed in the ground, hung, strung up, stuck on the wall and more. We can help you create a custom sign to be displayed wherever you want.

And we offer tons of accessories that enable you to easily install it yourself. We offer polished standoffs for mounting acrylic, retractable banner stands, hanging sign posts, snap-up trade show booths, real estate frames and a whole lot more. And all of our accessories give your sign the professional look you want. We’re glad we can make it easy and cost effective for you to expertly install your custom sign.

Not just more value, but more savings too

Of course our signs are a great value – you’re getting superior customer service, endless product options, access to all our tools, articles and videos, and more – all for just the price of your sign. And yes, our expert graphic designers will design your sign for free (many companies charge up to hundreds for their design services), but we like to offer our customers extra savings, too.

ü  We will ship your custom sign directly to your front door absolutely free. No matter how big or heavy it is.

ü  We offer substantial quantity discounts for our customers ordering multiple signs. 

ü  You won’t pay sales tax*. That’s just a little extra something for you.


Not just more people, but more personality too

Yes, we use state-of-the-art technology and have a workshop full of cutting-edge equipment. But in the end, we’re a group of hard-working people, dedicated to what we do. We don’t leave it up to computers to take your calls or finalize your order…we’re there every step of the way. We drive to work, sit at our desks, enjoy each other’s company and work hard for you. What MORE can you ask for?

*If you live in our great state of South Carolina, we can’t wave your sales tax. Sorry!


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