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Freelife International is well being and wellness firm that markets weight reduction and anti-aging goods via an MLM distribution channel.  They had been founded in 1995 by CEO Ray Faltinsky and President Kevin Fournier.
FreeLife International is at present is 26 countries and is expanding quickly on account of their high quality item line too as their aggressive compensation strategy.  

FreeLife International was the youngest business to ever be featured on the cover of Good results magazine.  According to the foundation that I’ve laid above, I believe it is possible to really feel confident that you simply are coping with a legitimate lengthy standing business.  Now onto the items and business chance.

Practically each and every wellness and wellness MLM demands some sort of magic fruit or berry that makes them stand out from the other 250 well being and wellness organizations inside the MLM arena.  For FreeLife, that magic ingredient may be the Goji Berry.

The Goji berry is from the Himalayas and is recognized for it is high anti-oxidant profile and investigation as shown that people that consume the Goji berry have had longer life expectancies.

Good results inside your FreeLife business is very dependent in your capability to industry your business.  Most reps will fail due to the fact they following they burn by means of their warm industry list they’ve nobody left to speak to.

You could have approached your upline with this issue and they most likely told you concerning the 3ft rule.  The 3t rule is where you speak about your business to anybody inside 3ft of you!  This really is NOT targeted advertising and may possibly result in you acquiring kicked out of malls and gas stations.

Yet another method  is utilizing drop cards.  Drop Cards typically appear like a hundred dollar bill and have your advertising and marketing message on the back.  They’re swift to obtain peopleís attention.

 Once more this can be not targeted marketing and advertising, but I like it simply because you are able to use this strategy whilst you might be out living life.  Just drop cards in the gas station, in the grocery shop, at Subway.where ever and hopefully the best individual, inside the appropriate scenario will choose up your card and call your sizzle line or check out your web site.

I prefer a lot more targeted techniques that involve advertising and marketing on the web.  I scientifically location my advertising technique in front of men and women which are already trying to find a business.

 This can be a really various way then you will be utilised to advertising and marketing however it is extremely useful.
Take into consideration it who is far more most likely to join your business?  Your broke aunt Sally?  Or a person performing analysis on one more MLM business?  Fairly straightforward answer.   

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