Franchises can and do fail

Franchises can and do fail however. If you are considering opening a franchise, examine the possibilities and responsibilities carefully before putting your hard earned money into the franchisor’s hand. While there are many advantages to owning a franchise, there are also many disadvantages. In a new name business, you are definitely, for better or for worse, your own boss. In a franchise situation, this is not true.  If you are looking at something other than a franchise then why not consider a home based business opportunity in network marketing


Because you are a franchise of a larger company, you will be required to adhere to their rules, regulations and requirements. You will need to be able to work within their company framework. This means that you cannot follow your own business plan, you will be required to follow a business plan the franchisor has already set up. If you read the plan and decide you cannot live within it, then you should look elsewhere for your business opportunity. In a new name business, your territory is the world and you can open your location anywhere you want.


Within a franchise environment, you will be limited as to where your location can be. Among the limiting factors will be your location relative to where other franchisee offices are. This may work for or against you depending on how you operate your business. As a new name business you can sell whatever you can sell. As a franchise owner, you will be limited to selling only the stock or services provided by the franchisor.  However, if you start your own home based business opportunity in network marketing then you are in total control of your destiny


You also may be required to carry or purchase certain amounts of stock items over specific periods of time, no matter what your realistic turnover rate is. As a new named business, your advertising budget and system can be whatever you wish it to be. As part of a franchise, you will be required to either pay into the franchise for advertising produced by them, or pay for your own advertising following their rules and regulations. You may be required to get any and all advertising approved before you can put it out to the public.  This again is not the case if you wish to start your own home based business opportunity as you will be in complete control of what costs you wish to incur to grow your business.

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