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Kopi Luwak is known by several names.  These consist of Civet Coffee.  In the Philippines it is identified as Coffee Alamid and Kape Alamid.
Kopi Luwak is the most high-priced coffee the world, often selling for approximately $30 a cup in the USA but in some parts of the world the price approaches $100 per cup.


For most, even more shocking than the fee is how this coffee is obtained.  This coffee can only be obtained from the droppings of a cat like beast known as the Civet.  A few call the Civet the fox-cat.  In the Philippines, it is cute but grubby while the African version is very beautiful! The following video features the Asian Palm Civet that can be found in the Philippines and describes faithfully how this coffee is prepared and how valued Kopi Luwak is.

It isn’t actually a cat, it is a great deal more like a raccoon.  The Civet is mostly a solitary mamal except during mating when one can frequently spot them in pairs.

I think the Civiet in the picture of the right is one of the most gorgeous creatures I’ve ever seen!

In the Philippines, the animals are left to exist in the wild, where they belong and Filipino head out into the woods to collect the precious “coffee berries.”  In the peak season, Filipino can earn around $100 a day.  This is far more than most Filipino ever dream of earning.  Most Filipino earn less than $300 a month.

I have not had the pleasure of drinking this coffee yet but I’m on a mission to obtain it.  It is very expensive though.  I’m hoping I can find some in a local shop but I have never seen it for sale in the Philippines.  I haven’t really looked for it though.  It is likely found in more exclusive and expensive shops in Makati and perhaps in Cebu. A great source of information about
Kopi Luwak can be found at an expat website. If you’ve had the pleasure of a cup of Kopk Luwak or Coffee Alamid as it is called here int he Philippines, please tell me about it!

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