Everything You Need to Know About Banner Installation

You’ve designed and ordered your custom banner, but you’re not done yet. You still have to deal with the banner installation. You have a lot of options when it comes to banner installation, but they’re not as difficult to sort through as you may think.

Let’s look at the THREE basic banner installation options

1.      Grommet and rope installation

2.      Banner stands

3.      Table top displays, hanging installation and miscellaneous displays


Grommet and rope banner installation is probably the most commonly used banner installation. Although it doesn’t look “upscale,” grommet and rope installation is fast, easy and requires little hardware. Your banner is installed by simply stringing rope through grommets in the corners of your banner and tying it around posts so your banner is pulled taut. Grommet and rope banner installation can be ideal for grand openings, sales, sporting events, school fundraisers and other non-corporate, temporary purposes.


Banner stands are a popular type of banner installation for more upscale businesses and tradeshows. There are four main types of banner stands that you can read about here (link to article “Types of Banner Stands”). Each type of stand holds your banner upright and vertically. They are freestanding and usually fairly easy for one person to set up alone. Often, banner stands fold down and come with carrying cases to make your banner installation easily portable. Banner stands are a great banner installation option for upscale retail stores, corporate interiors, hotel lobbies and tradeshows. They offer a high-end, corporate look.


Table top displays, hanging installation and other miscellaneous banner installation displays are all useful. Tabletop displays are similar to banner stands but for smaller banners and sit nicely on top of a table or counter. There are multiple kinds of hanging banner installation displays, but they all use some sort of framing and chains or rope to hang your banner from the ceiling or the wall. Other types of banner installation include post/flag displays, which you often see on lampposts in town centers, large scale banner displays for truck sides and billboards, and roll up banners that roll into a base and make for easy portability.


You can check out our Banner Installation Guide to see a comprehensive list of all banner installation displays.

When choosing a type of banner installation, you should consider FIVE things:


  • What “look” are you going for? Is it corporate, upscale or casual?
  • Will you be reusing your banner?
  • Do you need to travel with your banner to tradeshows or other events?
  • Will your banner be outside or inside?
  • Is your banner for a temporary or permanent display?


And remember a few things when choosing your type of banner installation:


  • If you already know what banner installation display you want to use, make sure you have your banner made to a fitting size. It’s smart to consider your display before you order your banner for this reason
  • TheSignChef has the most comprehensive selection of banner installation options on the web
  • Many banner installation displays come in different colors, materials and sizes for you to choose from


If you have any questions about banner installation, call or live chat with us anytime from 9am to 9pm seven days a week.

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