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Surprisingly enough, but there are still free for all sites all over the web If any of you are oblivious I’ll explain exactly what a free for all site is. It’s a very simple thing in fact, it is simply a site which will allow folks to freely place an add and link to their websites. In the past when these varieties of sites first came online just about everyone was using them to get free links and also advertising. Nowadays posting your links to these types of websites can end up getting your site in trouble. This is something you must avoid at all costs and we’ll reveal why.

I can really see the attraction to newbies on the Internet that want to post to these Internet sites. The particular attraction is there and I do understand. You are able to take your link and place it on one site and you could finally end up having your website linked to a huge number of other sites instantly. Many of these free for all sites other wise known as ffa sites, are linked to hundreds or even thousands of other web pages. The thing is these web pages are 100% worthless. And to top the fact that these Internet websites are useless, you may actually wind up being banned by the search engines.

The search engines are not stupid, and if they find these 1,000 links that were built in a minute they already know that something is not right. This is certainly not a normal way to be receiving your backlinks. Do to this, the various search engines hold quite a lot of contempt for folks who use this method.

Now as your link is not just posted on one site but possibly thousands this may lead to other troubles as well. This leads to everyone in that free for all network having your email address and just by posting there your essentially giving all these people permission to start sending you emails. When thousands of individuals have your email address they can actually email you whenever they desire. Meaning that very quickly your email mailbox may very well be full of junk every day. So if you look at it, the only real benefit is going to the people that started up an ffa site to begin with.

Many of you are already aware that at this time there really are great white hat approaches to build links, and these are the approaches you should be using in your link building. Staying away from these sites at all costs is really your best idea, if you want to create links use article promotion as well as directory submission.

Link farms are another thing that you will need to avoid. These kinds of sites are no better in comparison with the free for all websites. The basis of this is basically that you create loads of Internet sites on different ip addresses and link every one of them with each other and also have a link that points to your money site on every single page. While I’ve not heard much about this in the last year, men and women are still doing it, but they do not understand that Google is wise to this trick. Google and also the various other search engines need to see natural linking so don’t use the  link farm strategy  or  the  ffa websites.

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