Designer Habitat – A Secure Wall Mounted TV Bracket with Utility Features

The Designer Habitat forms an excellent wall mounted TV bracket for Led television sets. This durable bracket provides a comprehensive mounting solution to most of the Led Screen models that can be found on the market. In addition posing an elegant look, it has fantastic utility features. All your suspicions about exposing your costly TV to dangers are eliminated.

Built from cold-rolled steel material of a heavy gauge, the Designer Habitat TV wall bracket is rigid with a broad template, correctly cut to distribute the load evenly across a wide area. The accompanying hardware permits an excellent fitting on all kinds of walls. For example, if your house has plasterboard walls, you can easily fix this TV bracket by screwing into wide plastic retainers, evenly spaced across the top and bottom of the mount.

It offers several movable features like swivel, tilt and cantilever. The swivel movement lets you pull your mounted TV away from the wall, whilst enabling a rotation of 180 degrees, viz., 90? to the right and 90? to the left. The tilt movement enables you to change the tilting angle by up to 30 degrees, viz., 15? up and 15? down. The cantilever movement is way advanced, and allows you to adjust the position of the TV display through both the tilt and swivel motions. Accordingly, it is easy to position your expensive Led Screen at any required viewpoint, regardless of the shape of the room.

TV brackets of the Designer Habitat model come with a spirit level on the wall plate, which ensures an correct level fit. Weighing about seventy-five kilograms or more, the wall bracket complies with all the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) standards which have been prescribed for fitting flat screen monitors. With a beautiful luster, generally in black, these brackets come with complete installation kits, and free hardware items for fitting them. The presence of various fixing points allows them to maintain a strong fit. The black frame has cut-outs which are large enough to mount the television display, without hindering plug socket points and Ariel plates.

A self-explanatory instruction manual that accompanies your purchase, assists you in installing it a fast and easy manner. Going beyond its utility features, it provides a space-saving solution, which can be extremely valuable in contemporary living rooms, especially in apartments. The Flat screen is placed at a safe height, and hence is not at risk of any damages from playful children or pets. The construction of the entire bracket offers a strong support for the load of the lcd Television, even up to 20 kilograms.

Months after fitting your slim TV on a Designer Habitat TV wall mount, you’ll be pleased to see that there’s no sign of slackening or giving away in the wall.  It’s definitely a total solution to mount your pricey gadget.

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